What is it about celebrity branded fragrances that people can’t get enough of? It seems with the ushering of every new movie actor or singer, there’s a celebrity perfume or cologne to go along with the star. Maybe it gives people a feeling of being closer to their favorite stars. In some cases it may simply give people the feeling of knowing how their favorite celebrities like to smell.

At any rate, celebrity-branded fragrances are here to stay. With bottles ranging from $15 to well over $100, make sure you shop around for the best deal before you make your purchase.

top class jennifer aniston perfume

Your list of celebrity brands

If you’re drawing a blank as to which fragrance to go get a whiff of next, then look no further. Below you’ll see a solid resource of some of the most iconic celebrity branded fragrances starting with the Jennifer Aniston perfume.

  • Jennifer Aniston perfume – The former wife of movie star Brad Pitt released her self-named perfume and it was a hit.
  • Justin Bieber – Girlfriend is the name of the cologne released under the Bieber brand name, it was released before the hit single of the same name was released
  • Sarah Jessica Parker – This actress released the SJP NYC perfume. Prior to the NYC scent, Parker had another perfume called Covet.
  • Mariah Carey – The well-known multi-platinum selling singer has a few perfume brands to her name. They are Luscious Pink and another is called Forever.
  • Sean Combs – P.Diddy, real name Sean Combs, is known for his record label and apparel line. But he added cologne to his repertoire when he released the scent Unforgivable Woman.
  • Paris Hilton – The often controversial socialite released several perfumes. Notably are the Heiress and the Siren perfumes.
  • Katy Perry – America’s singing sweetheart launched Purr after her first perfume named Meow. The cat theme works well for her demographic and sales, as well as her personal marketing image as she is known to her die-hard fans as Momma Kat.
  • Britney Spears – She needs no introduction so let’s list her famous scents: Curious, Believe, and Fantasy Twist are just naming a few of her many perfumes.

signature curious britney spears perfume

Advantages over other types of perfumes

So, what is the point of purchasing these celebrity branded fragrances over generic or non-celebrity ones? That’s for you to decide based on scent. But, as a collective, you’ll find that celebrity-branded perfumes are comprised of higher quality ingredients as well as more elaborate bottle design. The side effect of these factors are a longer-lasting, potent, and crisp perfume or cologne in a visually stunning container.