Technically, all terrain tires are types of tires used in automotive applications, particularly on four-wheel drive vehicles that are designed for the main purpose of ensuring a good compromise between on-road and off-road capabilities. However, because tire manufacturers know that most vehicles do not always travel away from public roads, the tires where they normally fit are mostly inclined towards road use. Therefore, all terrain tires provide good grip and less noise when used in vehicle during highway road trips regardless of the weather condition.

nitto terra grappler all terrain tire

Popular Brands Of All Terrain Tires

Before you rush and look through all terrain tires for sale out there, it pays to take a look at the list below which is a rundown of the top brands that most vehicle owners prefer to date.

  • Goodyear All Terrain Tires – Whether you are in need of mud tires, 4×4 tires or off-road tires, Goodyear’s selection of all terrain tires provide the power and stability your vehicle needs during the toughest outdoor situations. And because Goodyear manufactures tires that give tough traction for both on-road use and off-road use and responsive handling and steering, you can definitely put your mind at ease. Another good thing about Goodyear is that they offer cheap all terrain tires for as low as $115, which is fairly cheap compared to other counterparts which can come for as much as over $200.
  • BF Goodrich – Also referred to as BFG all terrain tires, BF Goodrich continuously delivers exceptional products with excellent quality which is well-adopted by BF Goodrich T/A KO. According to user reviews, this tire gets a thumbs-up for being a consistent performer on any kind of surfaces, whether it is concrete pavements or rough roads. As for the appearance, it boasts edgy grooves on the exterior, which makes it the best choice for traveling on muddy, sandy or rocky locations.
  • Firestone – If you are looking for Ford tires with ultra high performance that offer all-season traction, then this Firestone tire is for you. Not only for ordinary drivers, the Firehawk Oval AS works well with sports cars, high-performance sedans and sporty coupes.  Engineered to provide a year-round superb performance, this tire offers predictable traction, handling as well as control on any road conditions including dry, wet and even snowy situations.

goodyear wrangler all terrain adventure tires

And those were the finest brands of all terrain tires to date. Based on the features given above, choose a tire wisely for your vehicle so that you can be confident and safe on the road.