If you want to make it big time in the banking industry then you have to work with any one of the top banks in the world by market capitalization, net assets or by any other parameter for that matter. Your portfolio and resume must implicitly demonstrate that you can handle the massive responsibilities and the pressures that come as a result of working with the leading financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and/or Chase bank to mention but a few .

What Are The Top Banks In The World

Of course, we all want our expensive MBA’s to be put into good, productive use in the prestigious banks as opposed to finding some menial clerical work in an obscure credit firm miles away from even dreaming of a listing anywhere in the world leading stock exchanges. We all strive to land the best paying jobs with an equal opportunity employer who has a solid integrity reputation and the most professional excellence when it comes to delivering on the expectations of their workforce, their customers and their shareholders as well.

Here are a few names that make all the bold headlines in the banking world:

  • Deutshe Bank– this German giant is believed by some to be the one thing that is still holding the volatile Euro-zone intact. As of 31st December 2011 it had the biggest asset base of around 2.8trillion dollars which amounted to exactly 15.6% total market share. The largest currency trader on the globe is accountable for transactions of over 20 million individuals spread all over. It was also reported that they were employing over 105,000 employees as of this date and they were expected to hire even more personnel in the coming financial years.
  • Barclays PLC is another titan of the baking industry with its headquarters based in the UK. It has continued to post impressive results even as the other major banks continue to make huge double digit percent losses. It is widely believed that this is as a direct result of their expansion campaigns in emerging markets. It boasted of a an asset base totaling to 2.5 trillion dollars as of 31st December 2011 and it currently has a direct workforce of around 63,000 personnel all over the world serving an approximately 38 million customers.


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The advantages or merits that arise when you work for any of the top banks in the world are amazing. Your career will instantly take off into the skies and beyond with all the major players in New York, Beijing, the UK all desperately looking to hand you a lifetime contact and a whole barrage of many more other equally appealing and alluring incentives that will make you a wealthy person in no time. As a hedge fund manager in one of these institutions you will be accorded the sole responsibility of balancing and managing million dollar portfolios for your clients and this gives you a sense of accomplishment from your job.

The perks we are alluding to include an out-of-this world health care plan, an enviable entertainment allowance and a chance to travel and get to see the larger world out there. Experience a banking career with a remarkable difference today try Chase Bank Careers and you might be literary laughing all the way to the bank and back.