Wearing cologne is more like a requirement in today’s hefty and constantly bustling lifestyle. Its importance can be ascertained from the fact that it acts as a silent announcer before a person even enters a room. More like a distinct personal characteristic that defines a person’s entire personality, cologne for men is an extremely important toiletry that should be prudently selected.

There are a variety of different types of colognes available in the market that all emanate distinct and pleasing fragrances. Selecting the right one depends on personal taste and what suits a person’s biological smell.

best curve cologne

Top 5 Brands of Colognes for Men

Out of the numerous brands here is a list of top 5 colognes for men available nowadays.

Acqua Di Gio

It is a refreshing product by Giorgio Armani that comes in a frosted glass bottle and in different sizes. This anytime wear cologne is perfect for any types of casual events where getting noticed is not that important as staying fresh and stylish.

  • Its cool fragrance has a hint of citrusy and Mediterranean aroma in it that gradually grows on the person leaving him smelling fresh like an ocean breeze.

212 Men

Introduced by Carolina Herrera, this distinctly fresh fragrance is bottled in a stylish metal and glass bottle that comes with a magnetic lid.

  • Its aromatic fragrance boasts of grapefruit, mandarin and sandalwood along with a hint of iron woods.

Davidoff Cool Water Cologne for men

Packaged in a beautiful blue colored bottle, this masculine cologne has been a favorite among men for more than a decade. Great for daytime use, this classic cologne can be worn in any season and for any occasion. Its humongous fan following has made into the top 5 colognes for men list.

best Top 5 Colognes for Men

Curve Cologne

Made in 1996 by the Liz Claiborne design house, Curve is a refreshing men’s fragrance that retains a concoction of fresh greens, pepper and warm wind with a finishing of water and mahogany. This enticing fragrance for men is perfect for daytime wear.

Hugo Boss Hugo

This iconic men’s fragrance from the house of Boss was introduced in 1995 and has remained among the top contender in the top 5 colognes for men list. Its fresh citrusy and woody smell with a hint of spicy leaves is great for anytime use.

No matter which cologne one may opt for, the important thing to consider beforehand is the kind of fragrance he would prefer to smell off.