When considering purchasing a printer either for personal, home, or business use, there are a lot of considerations that should be taken into account. Among which are the printer’s type, its printing capacity, quality, price, ink usage, etc. But perhaps, the most striking consideration will have to be the choice of a particular brand. Opting for the best brands will only mean that a printer has been well proven and tested not only by experts but majority of consumers.


Aside from being a global leader in photography, cameras, and other optical and imaging products, Canon has also been the worldwide favorite for various printing solutions and printer units.

  • The brand has a wide range of options available from the smaller photo printers, personal inkjets and laser printers, to the more larger and heavy duty large format printer used in businesses and other industries.
  • Canon printers are user friendly, all printer models are designed to produce high resolution outputs, and the brand is recognized as one of the best in terms of printing capacity.

canon wide format printer


  • Though some Epson printers may slightly be costlier compared to other popular brands like HP and Canon, said price difference is well compensated by the highest printing quality and standards.
  • This printer brand may be considered as the forerunner of any other brands in the industry.
  • If one would try to check, the oldest types of durable and still reliable printers like dot matrix and inkjets were the ideas of Epson.

Hewlett Packard / HP

HP is another popular and global favorite in terms of computing and printing products.

  • The printer product line is very vast, providing options for personal, home, business, and industrial uses.
  • Price of each printing solution or unit is quite reasonable, printer capacity is high, and output quality is also ensured.
  • Just like every other printer brands, a lot of HP printers are now manufactured with additional sets of features and functionalities.


Output quality and added functionality are also among the reasons why Lexmark have made it to the hearts of the printing public. A lot of this brand’s units are mainly focus to serve the printing needs of households, businesses, and industries, even with the toughest requirements.

  • Innovation has also added to the distinctive ranking of this particular brand; there are printers equipped with easily accessible USB ports, and the brand is also responsible for the introduction of Wi-Fi printers.

original lexmark wide format colour printer


Though Brother may seem a new brand, it has already been in existence in the market for a couple of years.

  • Among the notable distinctive features of this brand is the effective combination of two or more functionalities.
  • Some Brother printers are equipped with fax machines, scanners, telephones, etc. With such inclusion of features, consumers prefer this brand to be able to get the most value and benefits out of the purchase price.