When it comes to gauging the best fashion or designer items, everybody wants quality, durability, excellent styling and design, and of course, a reasonable price.

In such criteria, the top 5 brands of fashion or designer boots include:

Designer Brands of Mountain Boots

top brand Gucci designer mountain boots


  • Gucci has become a worldwide favorite and fad not only in the line of boots and footwear, but on other fashion items as well like bags and clothing.
  • Aside from offering quality and stylish product lines, majority of its products are also tagged with reasonable prices.
  • Compared to other designer boots that usually costs more than a thousand dollars, there are good Gucci pairs for less than a thousand.
  • Various options in terms of the boot style, material, color, and purpose are also widely available.


  • Perhaps, the most important feature of this brand is its strict adherence to durability and un-vanishing or unfading beauty.
  • Since Bandolino is mainly a footwear company, its resources have been greatly focused in developing high quality shoes and boots, creating items for specific purpose.
  • There are fashionable boots ideal for regular use, for photo-shoots or fashion shows, for special occasions, or for other tough requirements like what White Mountain boots offer.

top designer australian boots

UGG Boots

  • This Australian footwear brand has slowly gained international approval along with sales and marketing success.
  • Among the most popular product line of UGG are the numerous designer boots made from sheepskin.
  • These boots come in distinct styles, lengths, and also serve distinct purposes other than for ordinary or regular use.
  • Though they are a bit pricier compared to other brands, benefits that can be derived from using UGG boots are worth it.
  • These boots are much more comfortable, soft but durable, and are presented on distinct and unique designs and styles. In fact, with the popularity of this brand, a lot of fake boot manufacturers have started copying most of its designs.

Jimmy Choo

  • Jimmy Choo boots is another formidable name in fashion or designer boots. Majority of these boots are crafted with high heels, contains multitude of embellishments and accents, and are also greatly designed.
  • The most popular Jimmy Choo models are those tailored from black leather having pointed toes.
  • Jimmy Choo brand has also partnered with UGG to provide some of the top quality boots line in the market.

Yves Saint Laurent

Among the most popular Italian designer boot brand is Yves Saint Laurent or YSL. These boots are notable for providing safety and comfort, great designs and some are even personalized. There are sexy, fancy, and charming options, and majority can be used in any occasion or purpose.