Are you still one of them who is trying hard to make great smoothies at home? If yes, it is time to know the secret behind making smooth textured smoothies. Smoothies are yummy tasting delicious drinks that contain milk, ice, sugar and natural flavors obtained from fruits and raw vegetables. Smoothies are loved by all age groups.

Electrical home appliances like mixer-grinders are generally found in each and every household and people tend to use them for making smoothies. What can be the result? Of course, they end up complaining about their failure to prepare soft textured smoothie. The possible reason for such failure is that the regular mixer grinders are not capable enough to blend well the smoothie ingredients. In such cases, it becomes vital to get the best blender for smoothies.

best working blender for smoothies

Top 5 Brands of the Best Blenders for Smoothies

Several branded home appliances are today available in the market. Depending upon the requirement and budget of an individual, choice can be made for a smoothie blender. Looking to the features they offer and solutions they deliver, top blenders could be narrowed down into the list mentioned below:

1) The Vitamix 5200c

Smoothie blender from the house of Vitamix is an ultimate solution for all your kitchen blending needs.

  • Fitted with 2 peak output horsepower powerful motor that is capable to drive the blades up to 240 mph for hard grinding.

  • Variable speed control is smartly designed to manage speed at high and low levels for maximum processing.

  • The blender comes with a 48-ounce jar with comfortable and easy to use, 2 part lid.

  • Company gives a warranty of 7 years on The Vitamix 5200c blender.

2) Oster Classic Beehive blender

Oster, a well-known brand in the market of home appliances has introduced Oster classic beehive blender which is a great blend of style and performance.

  • The blender is fitted with a powerful 500-watt motor capable enough to crush hard ice and frozen fruits that is essential for smoothie making.

  • The device comes with 2 speed functions for smooth blending and it has pulse function to control blending.

  • The 40 ounce blender jar is made of toughened glass to handle harsh crushing.

  • The device sails with a 1 year product warranty and in case of repairs, the replacement parts are easily available in the market.

3) Back to Basics Smoothie Express Lifestyle

Another gem in the smoothie blenders list is from world renowned Back to Basics brand.

  • The 400-watt motor is effective in smoothly blending smoothie ingredients especially ice and fruits.

  • The blender sails with 26-ounce heavy insulated pitcher with extra lid for your convenience to carry while on move.

  • The blender comes with 3 speed smart controls necessary for different kinds of blending needs.

  • The blender is dishwasher-safe and is one of the most economical blenders available in the market.

best Top 5 Best-Selling Blenders for Smoothies

4) Cusinart Smart Power Duet Blender

One of the best in its series of blenders introduced by Cuisinart. It is a perfect blend of smoothie blender and food processor.

  • The blender is fitted with a 500-watt powerful motor and heavy duty 40 ounce blender jars.

  • The device is capable for meeting harsh blending requirements in making smoothies at home.

  • Again, it is smart power duet blender packed with other features that includes ease of shredding, chopping and slicing.

5) Black and Decker Crush Master

  • BL10450HB crush master from Black and Decker features 450 watt motor and 10 speed settings including pulse and ice crushing is a known name in top smoothie blenders list.

  • Multi level stainless steel blades fitted in the blender are powerful and durable for long time working doing functions like chopping, blending and pureeing.

  • With dishwasher safe parts, the blender is also safeguarded with motor overheat safety system.