No matter what age, Halloween is awesome.

It’s a time to get creative, perfect your costume project and get together with a bunch of your pals to make sure you strut your stuff at the party together.

During this annual spookfest, the more pals you get together, the better. Teaming up with your BFFs to come up with a list of this year’s best group costume ideas is a project to remember, and if chosen and executed well, will be a scene to be remembered by everyone else at the party.

While creating the best group costume idea sounds straightforward, it can be an intimidating endeavor.

Not only does your costume have to be creative and fun, but it has to appeal to all members of your crew.

For those of you who have real-live divas or princesses as friends, this may be a bit tricky.

Almost every circle of friends is going through the same group decision right now. And while it can be a daunting task, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

With the right list of group costume ideas and some time to put your own creative spin on the costume, it can be one of the most exciting times of the year.

Also, remember to stay ahead of the game and start planning your group costume ahead of time so that you can gather all the accessories and details you need to stand out and really shine.

List of This Year’s Top 10 Group Costume Ideas

Group Costume Ideas

Whether you’re getting together with a group of gals or if your guy friends are looking to get some spotlight action this Halloween, our list of 10 group costume ideas has something for everyone.

In fact, the way to get some major attention this year is to swap gender-based costume roles. Group of guys? Choose costume idea #1 on our list! Group of gals? Dress up as one of our male character ideas! Go all out and have a ton of fun with this list of group costume ideas.

1. The Kardashians

The Kardashians

Alright, this one can be tricky to pull off. If you and your crew don’t put in the time and effort into the details of this one, the final product will just look…well, trashy.

While it can be easy to bomb this costume choice, it can also be pretty easy to master. You just need to make sure all team members are on the same page. Make sure everyone buys the same bodycon or coordinate with everyone to choose a staple piece of Kardashian clothing.

Find yourself some butt pads and hair extensions and don’t forget to contour your face to high heaven. Throw on some high boots, accentuate your lips and there you have it. Team Kardashian tearing up the party!

2. Austin Powers and a Group of Fembots

Austin Powers and a Group of Fembots

What’s hotter than Austin Powers and a load of fembots? I mean… maybe a lot. But still. It’s time to bring groovy back.

All you’ll need to rock this outfit are big-haired blonde wigs, fuzzy breasted lingerie, high boots and long gloves for the fembots. Also, to make it even more fembot-like, take the end of a pen or a small tube and glue it to the breasted area for your “guns”.

For the friend who’s playing Austin, you’ll need a blue or purple velvet suit and a 70’s scarf, shaggy wig and some false teeth. Remember to load up on jewelry and throw on some high heels as well.

A big trip to your nearest second-hand store can make this costume a fun one.

3. Johnny Depp: All his characters

Johnny Depp: All his characters

Johnny Depp has played many different roles throughout his career, all of which have been extremely memorable due to his amazing talent.

Having your group of pals choose a different Depp character will be a big hit at any party you go to. And having friends and party-goers try to figure out which movie your character is from will be a lot of fun. Plus, think about how great your group photos will look!

To pull off this costume idea well, you’ll first have to figure out who’s going to play who so that everyone is playing a different character.

Next, each group member will have to study their Depp character in depth. Know your character in and out, watch the movie(s) and take notes.

After that, it’s time to get creative. Head to the second-hand store with your list of costume and character notes and try to piece it together.

If you’re feeling rushed, check out this site for easy costume purchases and fast ideas.

4. Every Pokemon


While some people may cringe at this idea, it can be a lot of fun if you master it. While Pokemon Go was huge a couple years ago, there’s still some life left in it.

Roll with the Pokemon trend by dressing up as your favorite Pokemon character with your pals and helping your party-goers catch ‘em all.

You can purchase a Pokemon costume online or you could go for a more creative twist and piece together colorful clothes and craft materials to create your own Pokemon version.

5. Favorite GOT Character from Different Seasons

Favorite GOT Character from Different Seasons

While showing up to the party as the full GOT cast, a fun twist would be to choose one character and sort out specific costumes that character wears in specific seasons.

Do you have a girl crush on Khaleesi, like the rest of the world? Check out her looks throughout all seven seasons and have your friends pick out their favorite.

Draw straws or devise a fun competition if two people choose the same costume or character version. After that, head to your nearest costume store or second-hand clothing store to gather your costume pieces together.

Need some inspiration or direction? Check out this site to get started.

6. Kids from Stranger Things

Kids from Stranger Things

Insanely popular and a lot of fun to replicate, Stranger Things will definitely be a hit this Halloween season. Not only is the show spooky in itself, but the characters are all so unique and loveable, a definite attribute that makes a group Halloween costume memorable.

Once you and your pals have sorted out who’s who, all you need to do is become an expert at your character. Which won’t be hard — they’re all so memorable.

Focus on a signature characteristic of your character, whether it be Eleven’s buzz cut or Barb’s 70’s glasses. To get a better idea of what you should be wearing, check out this site for some more inspiration.

After that, it’s time to head to the secondhand store! (Or your parent’s old closet at Grandma’s!)

7. Cast from The Good Place

Cast from The Good Place

If you haven’t watched The Good Place yet, do yourself a favor and start watching it right now.

This hit TV series was probably one of the most popular and widely-binged shows on Netflix this past year. While everyone waits around for season 3 to come out, you can be reminiscing by doing some research on how to reenact the characters in real life.

If your group of friends is ethnically diverse, this group costume idea is perfect for you. Pick which character suits you most and start studying their attire and mannerisms. For Tahani, practice your English accent and find yourself an outlandishly glamorous cocktail dress. If you chose Eleanor, get yourself a shot blonde wig and a plaid shirt and prepare yourself for a night of heavy drinking.

This one will be a lot of fun — Especially if you vow to stay in character all night!

8. My Little Ponies

My Little Ponies

This one is for the guy groups out there.

For every guy group that shows up to this year’s Halloween party as a herd of My Little Ponies, we promise you there will be a round of applause.

Prance the night away with a shiny and sparkly pony outfit and let your glamorous side shine!

For this costume, you and your pals may need to dig deep for bravery. You’ll need colorful tights or a bodysuit, a tutu, a long wig that works as a mane and a colorful or sparkly boa to wrap around your neck along with a pair of wings.

For your horseshoes, pick out a clunky or thicker high heel. For a party trick, bring a pocket of glitter with you to splash up into the air whenever you enter a room.

9. The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins

A truly dark Halloween costume, this one has made it to our list of top group costume ideas for its originality.

You can go about this costume anyway you like. What do you think demonstrates each deadly sin? If you choose the deadly sin, gluttony, maybe you’re covered in different types of food and candy. If you choose the sin, sloth, maybe you choose to wear your PJs and hair rollers to the party.

You can choose to be classy with this one, or not. You can be cute with this costume idea, or you could choose the move Seven as your costume inspiration — it’s totally up to you, which makes it that much more fun.

Check out Pinterest for some more inspiration on this cool group costume idea!

10. The 2016 Presidential Candidates

The 2016 Presidential Candidates

The 2016 Presidential Campaign had a lot of … characters running for presidency which makes this group perfect for Halloween.

While they’re no Jack Black, these Presidential candidates are actually pretty easy to copy. Look at Saturday Night Live. They started spoofing the 2016 Presidential Candidates almost from day one. Candidates like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders all have recognizable attributes and faces.

Think about a certain situation or specific characteristic of each candidate:

For Trump, hone in on his orange-tinted hair and matching face. Dress in a suit and tie and don’t forget to pucker those lips! For Hillary, choose a modest dress suit, matched with a blonde bob wig and pearl necklace. If you’re more into dressing up as Bernie this spook season, get yourself a messy short, white wig, glasses and a suit.

Worse comes to worse, if you don’t think you can pull off these characters, you can always go with a more symbolic approach as seen in this article.

Final Thoughts on This Year’s Top 10 Group Costume Ideas

Group Costume Ideas

No matter what group costume idea you go for, the true way to stand out is to give yourself time to go all out with the detail on it.

The more you master the costume, the more you become your character, the better. Since this is a group endeavour, make sure the whole crew is on board with this idea, too. The only way to stand out as a group is if everyone is truly stoked for the idea.

After you figure out who your character is and gather your materials, details, accessories, start studying the character’s mannerisms and quotes.

That way you won’t just look like the character or infamous group, but you’ll truly become them -- adding the ultimate spook factor to the Halloween party. Plus, trust us, no one will be able to keep their eyes off you!