Graduation is quickly approaching and many high school graduates will be heading off to college. To celebrate this momentous event, it would be fun and proper if you can give your son, daughter or friend a present. There are many options for you to purchase gifts for college students. You may also choose to give a personalized gift. Here is a list of the top 10 graduation gift ideas any college student would love to have.

Best Gifts To Give

  • Gift #1. Cash

This is one of the very best gifts to give college bound students, as they have many expenses from books to meals, even decorations for the dorm room. This is the number one gift idea among the top 10 graduation gift ideas.

  • Gift #2. Gadgets

You cannot go wrong with a great computer, laptop, tablet, or Ipad for a college bound student. This is perfect for taking to class for notes and for playing games during down time. A plus for this gift is that you can do research and send emails to friends, as well as to mom and dad know anytime you want.

Top 10 popular graduation gift ideas

  • Gift #3. Job Essential Gifts

This is a great option for college graduates and these can be anything from a personalized pen set to a briefcase. Leather bound and personalized equals a super nice gift.

  • Gift #4. Basket Gifts

This definitely belongs to the top 10 graduation gifts. Give your graduate a basket full of all his favorite things, whether it is food, pastries, or gift cards to his favorite restaurants. You could even go for a gift basket full of things they may need for their dorm room. Try a laundry basket with laundry soap, hangers, dryer sheets, and fabric softener.

  • Gift #5. Digital Camera

College is not all about getting an education, but it is also about having fun, growing up and becoming the adult a person is going to be. Why not allow your graduate to capture it all with a new digital camera.

  • Gift #6. A Trip

Your graduate will be leaving home for four long years. Sure, he will be home for the

holidays and probably some during the summer. But with college tuition on the rise, why not give your college graduate free plane or cruise tickets or prepaid travel package deals with the family. Nothing beats family time and that is why, a family trip belongs to the top 10 graduation gift ideas.

  • Gift #7. College Paraphernalia

Stock your student’s soon-to-be college home with plenty of sweatshirts, t-shirts and book bags, and anything else he might find useful for school. He will surely be needing all of these, and may be too tight on his budget to buy everything himself.

  • Gift #8. Smartphone

Smartphones are called such for a reason. They have calendars, email feature, calculator, notes, and almost all features he will need day-to-day that will help remind your student of classes, homework, and even to call home. Plus, you can get a hold of your student with just a push of a few buttons.

best gifts for college students

  • Gift #9. Jewelry and Accessories

Watches, necklaces, rings, and bracelets would definitely be gifts that will last forever. They are meaningful and they let your graduate know that you really care. This is a great gift, which is why jewelry made it on the top 10 graduation gift ideas list.

  • Gift #10. Luggage

Whether your graduate is leaving home for school or staying in town, you cannot go wrong with luggage. Everyone needs a good set of luggage bags. There will eventually come a time that they will go somewhere and need a good set of bags.

So, as the graduation announcements hit your mailboxes in the next few months, be sure to purchase the perfect graduation gift. You don’t have to spend a lot, and this list of the top 10 graduation gift ideas have a wide range of prices. Just be sure you are getting just the right gifts for your college student.