There are several reasons that you may have to clean your electronics. Hopefully you know that you should not have anything liquid around your electronic devices, but if you accidentally do, then you need to know how to clean the mess without ruining your device. There are some specific tools you should use when you are cleaning from spills or just getting dust out of your device.

Tools you may use to clean your electronics are electrostatic clothes, contact cleaner, and foam cotton swabs.

contact cleaner for cleaning electrical equipment

Electrostatic Clothes

You can pick these up at a local hardware store and find them in several regular stores. They are good to have around for routine cleaning.

  • These clothes are great because they pull dust particles into them without having to apply much pressure to where you are cleaning.
  • This is good when you are trying to clean sensitive areas of your electronics of dust. You do not want dust to build up inside the electronic because it will eventually become so thick it will stop the device from working.

Contact Cleaner

The spray is the easiest way to remove dust and dirt from sensitive devices without doing them any damage.

  • Contact cleaner will spray out a cleaning solution that easily dissolves along with air to spray the dust out of keyboards, remotes, and other sensitive electronics.
  • You can easily find a can of this cleaner in your local hardware store and it can come in handy for routine cleanings on all of your electronics.

foam cotton swabs for cleaning electrical equipment

Foam Cotton Swabs

  • These are good to clean up spills inside your electronics because they will not fall apart when they get wet.
  • They will be able to soak up any liquid you run them across without damaging the inside of your gadget.
  • These are inexpensive so it is easy to have some around.

It is important to research the particular device you want to clean. If you take it apart or use the wrong kind of cleaner you may void the warranty. It is important to know what you can and cannot do when cleaning your electronics. At this point, you are probably just trying to save your device from being destroyed. Just be gentle if you do take your device apart and pay close attention on how you can get it back together. Take your time cleaning sensitive devices and you may just be able to save them.