Toilet is one of the most important sanitary fixtures in every home. The main purpose of the toilet is the disposal of the human excrement as well as urine. It is a small room that has a toilet bowl in it. It can be connected to the nearby septic tank or in the case of urban area it is connected to a sewer pipe to a sewerage supply system.

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There are actually different types of toilet bowls you can find in the market nowadays. These are the vacuum-assisted toilets, dual-flush toilets, pressure-assisted toilets, washdown toilets and the gravity flush toilets. The gravity flush toilet is the best of them all. It carries with it the top brand Toto Drake toilet.  It has the capacity to flush 900 grams of human excrement, so far it is the finest gravity method toilet that has been introduce in this new era; in fact it surpasses several pressure induced toilets. It also surpasses the standard benchmark set by many medical studies that a toilet should be able to flush at least 250 grams of human excrement since, this is the general typical average of the human bowel movement.

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Toilet as part of the house needs cleaning too, especially the toilet bowl that can easily get stained due to urine and hard water.  It is very important that you always have a ready toilet bowl cleaner in your toilet for everyday cleaning, so as to avoid the dreaded toilet bowl stains. Cleaning your toilet every day is a must.

Steps in Cleaning your Toilet

  • Choose the right toilet cleaner that is really designed for toilet bowl cleaning. It must have the neck that will allow you to reach the rim and remove the dirt that may cause problems in flushing.

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  • Cleaning the bowl below the rim where the water enters the bowl is a great way of making sure your toilet will work well. Doing this will prevent hard lime deposits that may cause clogged in the future.
  • Baking soda and vinegar are one of the best toilet bowl cleaner that you can use to prevent stains from reoccurring back. These two can help in breaking down stains and also prevent mildew productions. It is also safe and easy to use.
  • All you need to do is sprinkle the toilet with baking soda and spray it with vinegar using a spray bottle. Leave it there for at least 30 minutes and then brush it. You will be amazed of the result. Your toilet will become sparkling clean.

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Getting and maintaining the toilet bowl clean is definitely tedious, particularly if it has stubborn toilet stains or maybe perhaps hard water stains. However, with a little time and effort together with the right toilet cleaning stuffs, the toilet will become sparkling clean in no time. This is really worth for all the efforts spend.