A toenail falling off of your foot can be a traumatizing experience. There can be a few reasons for this condition. Toenail problems are a common ailment for a lot of people. The medical community knows it as onychoptosis. There are a few main reasons for your toenail to fall off. The first reason for a toenail falling off is by means of a fungal infection. The second main reason for a toenail falling off is due to an injury of the toe. Another reason that you could have toenail issues is if you suffer from nail psoriases.

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Fungal infection toenails, also known as onychomycosis, are an extremely contagious infection that is brought about by bacteria in the toe or toes. These bacteria can affect one toenail or multiple toenails starting at the tip of the nail and spreading to the inner area below the nail. At first, the nail may hurt a lot and can swell up. After that is when the toenail becomes discolored and turns yellow, white, or brownish before turning into a thicker nail. Some toenails will give off a foul odor during this time. If the infection is extremely bad, the toenail can split or simply fall off.

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Treating a toenail fungal infection is very important. Nail fungus has to be eliminated completely to avoid spreading the contagious infection. Your doctor will know which treatment options are best for you. Most doctors will begin by putting you on some anti-inflammatory medications to bring down the swelling and relieve any pain. After that they will treat the bacterial infection with anti-fungal creams and oral medicines. If this line of treatment does not cure your infection, you may require surgery to have the infected area removed.

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Psoriasis of the nail is not caused by an infection and is not contagious. The true cause of this is not known but it is thought to be caused by genetics and factors in the environment. Nail psoriasis is usually accompanied by skin psoriasis. It is very unlikely that you will have one without the other.

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You can treat your toenail falling off with quite a few home remedies, medical treatment, or through toenail laser treatments. Tea tree oil, benzalkonium chloride, and apple cider vinegar have been known to help eliminate nail fungus. Always seek medical attention if you experience your toenail falling off.  Using a laser that has two different wavelengths of infrared light, doctors can kill your toenail fungus. These types of lasers are already used for things such as laser hair removal, dermatological treatments, dental work, and cataract surgery. These new anti-fungal laser treatments are relatively new and are still awaiting clearance from the federal authorities. Although there is no risk, the cost of the treatment will cause some people to think twice about using it since health insurance providers do not yet cover it. Treatments can cost from $1,200.00 up.