Do you have a formal evening coming up and are wishing to take your young child to the event? If so, then you absolutely need to think about how cute your little one would look all dressed up in a toddler tuxedo. It is an amazing experience when one can share a formal evening with their children, particularly family gatherings or weddings.

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Toddler Tuxedo Buying Guide

When it comes to toddler dress suits you probably want to score the best deal. However, you also want to find a toddler tuxedo that not only fits but leaves your young child looking to be the hit of the party. To do this you will want to start by buying a brand name toddler suit. Top retail brands like JCPenney, Sears, and even Men’s Warehouse all carry, stock and provide tailoring services for those seeking a toddler tuxedo.

You will find that many of these tuxedos are made of polyester, feature satin lining and will come in a variety of colors. Find something that your toddler can move, breathe and most importantly have fun in. Most suits will come with a two-button or three-button front and a classic notch lapel on the vest.

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Toddler Tuxedo Rental

Many will not see the value in buying a toddler tuxedo for the simple fact that your child won’t fit into it after a few short months. That being said, there are many places for you to rent a tuxedo for your toddler. You will want to look for a company that can supply you with all of the garments, including under shirts and toddler tuxedo shoes. You are using a toddler tuxedo rental company to save money, however, do not undercut the overall look by going with a company that simply provides the basics.

Toddler Tuxedo T Shirt

As mentioned above, this is a very important piece of the overall look. If you want your toddler to look absolutely dashing at your next family get-together, wedding, or formal gathering you will want to pay close attention here. Tuxedo shirts for toddlers come in a variety of styles and colors. You will find basic colors such as black and white, while many retailers will have red, burgundy, and blue colors.

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Additionally the style is also important. Two of the most popular are pleated and plain fronts. You will also find a variety of fly front style shirts with wing tips and shirts with lay down collars. The variety of styles and colors allows you to really find the perfect toddler tuxedo for your little one.

Toddler Tuxedo Shoes

You can’t look your best without a great pair of shoes to go with your outfit. The same should be considered for your toddler tuxedo. Most importantly find something that is going to be comfortable for your little one. This means getting a pair of patent leather (faux leather) or real leather and of course, each are available in a variety of colors. Nothing is worse than a cranky toddler who looks absolutely brilliant in their suit to be upset because their feet hurt.

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No matter the event, there is a place for a toddler tuxedo if you have a little one attending. It is important that you follow the tips above to ensure that you find the absolutely perfect formal suit for your toddler. Finally, do not forget to bring your camera to capture your toddler looking trim and dashing at the party.