You should opt for a tire selection guide if you feel that you lack knowledge when it comes to choosing the appropriate tires for your vehicle. In most cases, people go at a loss due to choosing the wrong tires for their vehicles.

Factors When Choosing Tires

  • Weather requirements
  • Tread life
  • Speed rating
  • Noise
  • Ride quality

all trail multi purpose tire

All-Purpose Tires

There are All-Purpose tires that come specifically for SUV’s and Light Pickups. They may also have the M+S designation and are usually built to handle dry and fine pavement. Any tire selection guide should notify you that these tires also perform well in wet conditions and also in the snow. They are however designed for off road use, with a closed tread pattern and a lighter construction unlike others.

All-Terrain Tires

You need a tire selection guide if you cannot differentiate between All-Purpose and All-Terrain tires. All-terrain tires are simply a modification of the All-purpose ones. They come with a tougher open tread that provides users with better traction especially on rocks. Your truck, jeep or SUV is sure to be intact especially if it has to take some off road abuse.

Racing Vehicle Tires

Your racing vehicle needs special tires. Again, utilize a tire selection guide to ensure you choose the best tires. These are the most extreme tires made for off road purposes. They are the toughest and provide you with maximum traction in rough off road conditions. You should understand that they are highly expensive too and are not suited for your normal use on the highway.

Mud-Terrain Tires

These come in a radical tread design. Whether you are choosing Doral tires or any other tires, using a tire selection guide is advisable. Do not confuse rough terrain tires with mud terrain ones. If you want your truck to tread steadily on muddy terrain, choose the right mud terrain tires. They are always tough and are puncture resistant. They can perform well on rocks, and also on sand. However, these are not the best choices for you when riding on wet pavements and on ice. They are not smooth on the highway too.

Seasons play a great role in choosing the right tires for your vehicle. Before settling for any type of tire, whether for your truck, passenger vehicle or sports vehicle, use a tire selection guide. In most cases, you have to answer several questions like:

  • What is the worst condition likely to be encountered when driving?
  • What are the existing driving conditions?
  • Can the driving conditions be balanced?

PRO COMP radial mud terrain tire

Answering the above questions ensure that you define the specific purpose of buying the tires. If your jeep, light truck or SUV will mainly be driven on the pavement, you choose tires suited for this. However, the same vehicles can be used for different adventures. This means you can balance this and buy tires suitable for different ventures to make the vehicle more flexible. Again, if you are unsure on what to purchase, use a tire selection guide.