Flowers have the power to transform a bland piece of land into a haven of sights and scents. The ambience that they create both outside or inside, as fresh garden staples and cut flowers, is nothing but beautiful.

One good thing with flowers is that they are easily accessible. They don’t grow to invasive lengths thus making them suitable for home gardens. Apart from adding value to a home, planting flowers in your home garden creates an inviting aura. Having popular flowers and having them growing beautifully in your own garden can be the envy of your neighbors.

But before you get to plant, you must first decide which popular flowers you would want to see in your homes. Here are your choices:

Popular Home Garden Flowers

Planting exotic flowers in your home garden would be a perfect thing. It is however advisable to go for the popular flowers if you want great results. The best flowers are those that exude an interesting and lovely aroma, beautiful colors and best of all, blends with the environment and overall look of your home.

helpful tips when planting flowers

•The sunflower, coconut hybrid is great if you plan on giving your home a summer look.

•The Zinnia (zahara raspberry lemonade mix)-its an annual flower with a delightful and colorful facet to a garden.






•Bearded irises



For your flowers to thrive you need to be positive about it. Have the enthusiasm and the passion to keep these beauties alive, and follow these simple tips when planting flowers. Be amazed to see your lawns and front yards transform into flower heaven.

Tips when planting flowers

popular flowers names

•You will want some nutrient-rich soil if you want to plant an array of the popular flowers. Prepare the soil using known and proven organic fertilizers. Some manure can come in handy too during the first stages of flower planting.

•Plant your flowers according to the landscape of your home. Those that need a larger exposure to light should be planted in the open. If your home has sections that are under shades look for flowers that do not need as much sunlight.

•The planting should not be done on a day and time when the sun is high and blazing hot; a most suitable day for planting flowers would be on a late afternoon or shady day. It is also best to buy and plant your seedlings on the same day.

•If you do not plan on changing the setting of the flowers yearly, you should go for the perennials. Annual flowers, however, should be your choice if you plan on switching to a different variety of flowers.

Roses require a higher level of maintenance so you will need dedication and consistency when growing a rose garden.

•If you or your kids have allergies that result from certain kinds of flower fragrances, then do not include those flower plants in your garden.

•Water your flowers in the early morning or in the evening; avoid watering them when it is sunny.

With those tips, you are sure to be one way closer to a heaven of a flower garden. This will not only beautify your home compound, but it will also enlighten you on the basics on planting flowers.