During the hot days of summer, everyone usually wants to have air conditioning in their homes although not everybody could afford to have central air conditioning, or has the available space for it. A good option would be a window unit, the most ideal being a quiet air conditioner. A quiet window air conditioner is much similar to a regular unit except that it has been carefully and meticulously designed for quiet operation. The materials used conducts noise less and the construction is well balanced. Special materials that absorb vibrations that create sound are typically placed in strategic spots inside the air conditioner, which makes it easy to forget that you have one operating.

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Shopping For A Quiet Air Conditioner

Whether you are shopping for a new unit for a room that does not have air conditioning or replacing a less efficient and older unit, you should know how to buy a quiet air conditioner. The most important factors to consider are the following:

  • Cooling Capacity – the capacity of an air conditioner to cool a specific area in your house is gauge by BTU per hour. The higher its BTU or British Thermal Unit rating is, the better it can cool an area. However, do not get an air conditioner that has too much cooling ability. The result would be a more rapid on and off cycle, which has the effect of wearing down your unit fast, and not operating long enough to eliminate humidity off the air. Get a size estimate of the room that you intend to cool in square feet before going out to shop.

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  • Energy Efficiency Rating – if you are going to read on quiet window air conditioner reviews, you would notice the term EER mentioned frequently. This stands for Energy Efficiency Rating, which is a measure of the efficiency of a particular quiet air conditioner. The higher the rating, the more efficient the air conditioner and the less you will pay for energy bill. An efficiency rating of 10 would mean twenty percent less energy consumption than a rating of 8.

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  • Installation Requirements – when you shop for a quiet air conditioner, make sure that it is the right size for the window you are installing it in. In addition, you should also have extra help when mounting the unit since most air conditioners is very heavy and awkward. Some models may even require special electrical wiring. If it is not possible to mount a unit in a window, you might look for quiet portable air conditioner models instead. Portable units are mounted on wheels for easy moving and incorporated with a hose, for the hot air that need to be vented out of the house. If you are just renting your house or has to cool a room at a time, a portable unit would be a better choice.
  • Size and Horsepower – a quiet air conditioner tends to be those that are has smaller motors that are compact. Ultimately, it is the motors that determine if it will be quiet or not. Notice how industrial air conditioning units are mounted outside the building and not in walls. Simply because they have large motors which tends to be loud like a jet engine even if they are new and especially when they are old. Smaller units tend to be more quiet but fact still remains that most would produce audible noises as it ages.

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In addition to the factors listed above, you should also read on comparison of brands and models in consumer reports before buying a quiet air conditioner. If you can, you should buy one during winter or fall, to avail of low prices. Obviously, most air conditioning units would be silent when new especially the wall mounted ones. That is why it is very important to check reviews from users that actually experienced such satisfaction or dismay since any model from any brand can claim to be the most quiet air conditioner. Whether it will keep you happy for a short period of time or a really long time, that’s something up for you to experience.