Did you experience a time where your clutch bags did not match your dresses? Have you felt ridiculous? It is really a dreadful experience, especially when you go out to have a date with a handsome guy. Maybe many of us have already this kind of experience. But you can still have a good effect when you have your high quality Tory Burch clutch bag with you. All you need is to know some tips on how to choose bags that match your dresses.

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How To Match Dresses With Clutch Bags

  • You can consider choosing first your dresses before you can choose your clutch bags of choice. Think of the dress you are going to wear, is it classic, trendy or any solid colored or patterned style. Know what kind of activities you are attending and the day of the activity. Selecting dresses are much easier than you select your bag. This is because sometimes bags are versatile than clothes.
  • Next, choose the color theme of your outfit as a whole. You can look for a neutral color such as black clutch bags that can match all the colors of your dresses. Any vivid color of dresses in your wardrobes can be paired in a black color. It does not really necessary that you have to match your outfit. What is important is the colors of what you wear will complement each other so you won’t look like a ripe mango or a Christmas tree.
  • You can have match and mix patterns of your clutch bags and dresses. Though it’s a little bit tricky task, take a chance of choosing a patterned bags with a patterned dress. Make sure that the colors will complement. There are many patterned leather clutch bags that you can select that will good for every dresses.
  • Pick clutch bags that will match the event. Of course they are cute to have in your outfit but you may not hold everything you want when you will be out long in a day. Clutch bag is usually used during parties or formal events. So, it will not be wise when you are planning to be gone for so long.

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In case you do not have that luxury, you can always buy cheap clutch bags that matches your wardrobes in some garage sale or some bag retailers that are on sale. You can find something that will fit your budget if you are very keen enough to look for them. In the end, it’s not really the brand of the clutch bag that matters but your overall look. Clutch bags are just one of the many components of your overall look thus pairing them properly with the right dress, footwear and accessories is more important.