Mirrors add beauty and make our bedrooms, drawing rooms and bathrooms shine with an added effect of completeness. The basic purpose of mirrors is to reflect our selves for what we wear and how we look. Now a day’s mirrors not only fulfill the basic purpose but also provide a factor for keeping them as an antique showpiece, which in turn makes the respective areas look beautiful and elegant. Mirrors are an important part of life and serve as a great input for making your house viewable and complete. Using antique mirror is one of the best ways to change the look and feel of your house/workplace. Making a mirror look antique is easy and inexpensive task, which can be done by anyone of us with some care and proper tips.

finest antique mirror

Making a Mirror Look Antique

Step by step process is noted down for making a proper antique mirror:

  • Protect yourself: Wear gloves and an apron for your protection as making antique mirror involves usage of chemicals and paints which can be a bit harmful.
  • Area selection to keep the mirror: First decide the space required for the mirror and then put the mirror in that space. Preferably cardboard is considered to be kept in between the mirror and the ground surface. If not available make sure the surface is washable and can be cleaned after the work is done. Most important thing when placing the mirror, make sure it is face down as the glass surface can be sensitive.
  • Remove paint: Initial steps to make an antique mirror are to remove the paint from backside, which can be done using a stripper. Stripper as the word says strips down all the paint. It has a chemical base so use a brush to put it on the backside of a mirror and be generous while stripping out the paint with a knife. Let 20%-25% of the paint remains on the mirror.
  • Wash and Dry: After stripping of the paint is done, wash the mirror with soap and let it dry completely.
  • Black Metal Patina: Patina is one of the solutions which helps in making antique mirrors look genuinely antique. Apply this black patina solution, available easily in the market, on the reflective side of the mirror. Antique mirror must look rusty and eaten away at the edges so apply large amount of patina at the edges and some on the inner side. Desired effects can be created with any kind of brush. Until the desired level of antiqueness is not achieved keep applying the solution.
  • Rinse and Dry: Again rinse the mirror with water and let it dry completely.
  • Apply Paint: Now when the mirror is all dried apply paint to the back side of it and see to it you cover the spots created by the patina solution. You can use dark shades of traditional colors like silver, gold and black to make this antique mirror more beautiful. Different combinations can be given to make it look elegant. Brushed nickel mirror is one of the examples of this combination.

modernized antique gold oval

Finally wait for the paint to dry and use it accordingly. These steps should be followed carefully and religiously to make an antique mirror look antique, beautiful, elegant and a masterpiece.