You have purchased yourself a brand new Ariens Lawn Mower and it works just as perfect and smooth, as you expected. However, over a period of time, you might tend to ignore the desired maintenance. For long term durability and predictability of any machine, it is very important to perform its periodic maintenance.

Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Below are some useful tips for identifying maintenance symptoms and steps for maintaining lawnmowers.

1) Fresh Gas: Gas to engine is like oxygen to human heart. So, you need to ensure good quality and freshness of fuel that you pump in the engine.

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  • Usage of 87 or higher rated gas is recommended for an enhanced engine life.

  • Freshness of gas means that fuel that is older than 30 days in the gas tank can adversely affect the engine performance.

  • Also, while purchasing a lawnmower, prefer one with a plastic fuel tank rather than a metallic one, as plastic won’t rust.

2) Engine Oil: Life of engine oil is up to 50-60 hours of operation. So replace the engine oil with clean SAE30 engine oil for every 50 hours of usage.

3) Air Filter Maintenance

  • A scrambling engine noise indicates that the engine is not receiving a good quality of air fuel mixture. This is generally due to a dirty air filter. Remedy is to keep the machine body clean.

  • Further, it always good to clean the mower’s air filter after every five to six usages.

  • For cleaning, remove the air filter cartridge and hit mildly on its surface. For a dirtier filter, replacement is advised.

4) Engine Spark Plug: Replace the spark plug, after every 100 hours of operation.

5) Mower’s Blade Maintenance: Blade is a critical part, as this performs the real operation that a mower is intended for.

  • A banging noise from below indicates a bent blade that is hitting the mower body. Some expert handling is advised for bent or unbalanced blades.

  • You should also ensure proper sharpness of the blades. A file or grinding wheel can be used for sharpening the blade.

different lawn mower parts

6) Body Cleaning: It’s always good to clean the outer mower body for any debris. Use soap water for this purpose. Pay special attention to cleaning of engine cooling fins.

7) Right Fuel: Last but not the least, always use the right fuel type, depending upon whether the mower if equipped with a two stroke or a four stroke cycle engine.

You might experience trouble in starting the lawnmower, especially during the holiday seasons. Credit goes to the fact that your lawnmower has been lying idle for the entire winter season. You may not use the lawnmower during winters, but run the engine at least once in a fortnight, so that engine parts remain intact and do not catch rust for inactivity. It’s always a good idea to send the mower to a repair service at least once a year, for a prolonged lifespan and reliability.

As a word of caution, always refer to the lawnmower’s user manual for safety instructions, prior to its usage and maintenance.