Several flannel shirts come with plaid prints that are popular during the 70’s. Many people prefer to wear these shirts because of the soft and comfortable fabric. Those who live in places with cool climates also prefer to wear flannel shirts. The shirt offers warmth and protection from the chilly weather. It may be worn with another garment inside, while leaving the shirt or flannel jacket unbuttoned. This type of style exudes a laid-back and relaxed appeal that several people prefer. The following tips are among the numerous ways on how people can wear flannel shirts in a fashionable way.

flannel shirt with denim jeans

Style Tips on Wearing Flannel Shirts

1) Wear flannel shirt with denim jeans.

  • Flannel shirts will look perfect when paired with classic, blue jeans. This style is excellent for men and women because of the comfortable appeal.
  • Some people wear the shirt outside the jeans or tuck it in for a sharp and refined look.
  • When the shirt is tucked in, it would be great to wear a leather belt that can add some flair to the whole outfit.
  • The belt should match the shoe color, so the accessory would not clash with the attire.
  • Moreover, flannel shirts worn with denim jeans would look outstanding with a pair of cowboy boots.

2) Team up a flannel jacket with plain-colored shirt.

Another fabulous way to wear flannel shirt is by wearing a plain shirt inside and leaving the buttons open.

  • Several people wear a white shirt, so the color will not clash with the plaid prints.
  • When white shirt is worn, the flannel should have a bright color that would have a contrasting effect to the light-colored shirt.
  • Those who wear a shirt inside the flannel might want to leave all buttons open, while some prefer to close the last few buttons.
  • This style will look great with leggings or bootleg denim jeans.

3) Roll up the sleeves to make a three-quarter length.

Those who prefer to wear flannel shirts despite a warm weather might want to roll up the sleeves for a comfortable feeling.

  • They can opt for a three-quarter length, or they can roll up the sleeves up to their elbows.
  • This style can give people the ease to bend or move their arms.

4) Obtain a grunge or rockstar look with torn jeans and flannel shirt.

Typically, flannel shirts exude a country look because it is the popular attire for those who work in a lumberyard or farm.

  • However, many people can adopt a grunge look when they pair off the shirt with torn or distressed jeans.
  • They can leave the buttons of the shirt open, and wear the shirt outside their jeans.
  • Lastly, they should wear sneakers or motorcycle boots to finish off the heavy metal look that they might want to achieve.

match flannel jacket with torn jeans

Flannel shirts are known for versatility and comfort. Many people will be amazed to discover the different ways to wear a flannel shirt or a flannel jacket. They can obtain the kind of look that they wish to have when they pair off the shirt with the right jeans, accessories, and shoes.