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Tips on How to Store a Mattress | Content Injection

A mattress is one of the essential commodities you own. Without it, you cannot rest contentedly. Mattresses are generally expensive to buy or replace. For these reasons, you should consider storing your mattress in a manner that will conserve its durability. Some mattresses are supplied with booklets that explain how to store a mattress. In case you do not have such a pamphlet, read on and follow these simple tips.

guidelines to fold and store an air mattress

Guidelines in How to Store a Mattress

  • Always store your mattress in a place that is free from dust and insects or else it will become dirty. The place should be as dry as a bone otherwise the mattress will soak in moisture and become a good place for moulds and other plants to flourish.
  • Always keep your mattress flat. Some types of mattress consist of electric mattress pad and if you bend them the electric mattress pad is bound to get damaged. In addition, if your mattress is made up of springs, they will bend too and the mattress will get distorted.
  • Other than storing the mattress in a flat position, the mattress needs to remain even. At no time, should you place heavy material on top of the mattress. This behaviour will leave your mattress with dents and ugly patches.
  • Another minor tip on how to store a mattress yet very crucial is to make use of it. Evade from storing the mattress for a very long time. This act reduces the durability of the mattress other than maintaining it.

Learning how to store a mattress is one way of maintaining the mattress. Another way is though cleaning it. Cleanliness is a virtue that should start right from your bed and extend outside. Cleaning a mattress can be rather challenging because mattresses are not the same as floors that you can scrub and wipe out the water.

mattress uses mattress bag to properly store

Ideas on How to Clean your Mattress

  • Keep the mattress in an upright position and remove any stains that you may see on it. The stains are removed using water mixed with a detergent and a soft piece of cloth for brushing off the stain. Avoid using a lot of water on the mattress because the water will soak and take time to dry up.
  • You can use mattress cleaners to clean your mattress. They are available nowadays in the market. Because not all mattress cleaners are best for cleaning all types of mattress, it is important to test a small portion prior to cleaning the entire mattress.
  • Always make use of mattress covers. It is easy to clean them than cleaning a mattress.
  • Protect your electric mattress pad while cleaning the mattress.

Mattresses are slightly expensive. This is enough justification for you to clean and store your mattress correctly whenever needs rises. Learn how to store a mattress from these online mattress storing tips.