A person’s scent or smell is a very personal thing that goes a long way in defining his or her overall personality. It not only evokes a sense of pleasantness or uneasiness depending on the kind of smell but also relates it to the memory of the person wearing it. Normally, fragrance is a term that is correlated with women on regular basis.

As a matter of fact, men are also quite the perfume enthusiast without the likeness of the perfume word. They prefer a more masculine term such as cologne or Eau de Toilette. There is wide variety of quality colognes for men available nowadays in the market that comes under numerous brand names.

This extensive range of colognes and Eau di Toilettes can pose a problem in terms of selecting the right one suited to a person’s choice and persona. Although there are various ways to select cologne from the huge range available, here are some helpful ways to do just that.

best tips on How to Select Colognes

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Colognes

Type of fragrance

The first thing to consider when looking for cologne is the type of fragrance that would suit a person’s personal smell in a complementing manner. This basically depends from person to person due to the varied body chemistry. Every fragrance reacts differently in terms of smell when sprayed on the body which is why it is important to try different ones before confirming the selection.


The second thing to determine while selecting any kind of cologne is the kind of event it is meant to be worn at. While there are some cologne types that are perfect for formal or casual events, there are others that can be used anytime. One such brand known as Curve cologne is a highly renowned men’s fragrance that is optimum for anytime use.

best curve cologne for men


Another important thing to keep in mind when selecting a particular brand of cologne is its smell. Men’s cologne and fragrance range come in various smells that are made to suit different lifestyles. A certain cologne type may suit an athletic lifestyle while another one may suit a formal presence. Keeping this in mind one can choose a particular brand or type depending on the occasion or event.


Besides this, a fragrance or cologne can also be selected depending on the season or weather condition. There are many brand names that come out with special edition versions of their colognes for a particular season.