Designer shoes don’t exactly come cheap and you would therefore like your flashy new shoes to last for as long as they possibly can. Designer shoes are generally durable and made of good quality material. However, in order for them to last long, you must make an effort to maintain them.

After spending hundreds of dollars on that quality designer shoes, it is only proper that you go the extra mile to maintain it. Here are a few tips on how to make that amazing designer shoe last longer.

maintain a funky white chappal sandals

Do not wear the same shoe daily

  • The first rule of making that designer shoe last longer is not to wear it everyday. Always wear a different shoe everyday.
  • No matter how amazing it looks or how comfortable you feel in it, don’t wear it everyday, the wear and tear of everyday usage will wear it out faster than normal.

Always clean your shoes in the right way

Cleaning your shoe is an obvious maintenance tip but one that is very important in making sure that your designer shoe lasts long.

  • Do not store your shoes when they are dirty. The dirt in the shoes makes them age faster.
  • Every shoe is different and may require a different cleaning technique so don’t treat all your shoes the same. For example, a Jean Michel Cazabat lady suede platform booties need to be cleaned using a suede eraser and suede brush instead of a wet cloth to avoid damaging them.

Don’t overuse. If possible, carry an extra pair around.

If you have to walk for long, carry an extra pair of walking shoes with you, when you have to take long walks then you can wear them. This ensures that you don’t wear out your designer shoes as fast, unless they are designer walking shoes that are meant for long walks.

  • For example, the Jean Michel Cazabat robin ballet flat can be quite comfortable to walk in and can be used as a replacement for a heel when walking.

Add Rubber Soles to Your Shoes

Adding rubber soles to shoes can help protect the actual sole from wear and tear caused by the pressure exerted by your feet while walking. When the rubber wears out you can easily replace them as they come cheap and are easily available in stores.

guidelines on maintaining great designer shoes

Tips on Maintaining Leather Shoes

Leather is one of the most popular materials for shoes with many designers including Jean Michel Cazabat. This is because leather is quite durable. However it needs to be maintained properly for it to last.

  • During the wet season try to ensure that your leather shoes are kept dry. You can use a waterproofing spray to keep them from soaking in water when you are walking outside.
  • You should also make sure that as soon as you get home you dry your shoes. Water makes leather dry and your shoes start looking dull.
  • After some time, leather shoes may begin to lose their luster. You can buy polish made for leather shoes and polish them to keep them looking new and shiny.
  • Try and avoid long walks.