Hearing problems are very common disability. A lot of people suffer from these problems. Some health conscious individuals often wonder and ask how to avoid hearing problems. Before discussing several measures on how to avoid hearing problems, it is important to know more about hearing problems and their causes. By identifying the causes, prevention of these hearing problems can be done.

perfect ways to avoid hearing loss

Causes of Hearing Problems

Hearing problems are very commonly seen among people aging 65 and above. Usually, one third of the people aging 65 to 75 years and about half of the people aging 75 years and above suffer from hearing loss problems. There are many other reasons that may cause hearing problems such as:

  • Heredity and Aging ProcessEarly aging of the cochlea (a spiral cavity at the inner ear which produces nerve impulses in response to sound vibrations) and losing sensibility of the cochlea may occur due to genetically born problems.
  • Atherosclerosis – Hearing problems may occur due to reduction of oxygen supply caused by reduction in the blood supply going to the internal parts of the ears.
  • Dietary Habits – Excessive intake of fatty foods may accelerate atherosclerotic changes and may indirectly induce hearing problems.
  • Diabetes – Diabetes may cause inflammation and endothelial proliferation of the blood vessels in the cochlea resulting to a reduction in the blood supply.
  • Noise Trauma – Continuous exposure to loud noise or music stresses out and damages the eardrums.
  • Hypertension – It causes intense vascular changes which may cause reduction in blood supply to the internal parts of the ears.

People suffering from hearing problems may experience the following symptoms:

  • The other speakers’ speech may seem to be indistinct and/or muttered.
  • May face difficulties in hearing high pitch sounds.
  • Sometimes, sounds seem excessively loud even though they are not.
  • Tinnitus may be experienced in one or both the ears.

best methods to prevent hearing problems

How to Avoid Hearing Problems

Steps on how to avoid hearing problems are easy. However, some people inherit hearing problems and there are no preventive steps in this case. These are the following tips on how to avoid hearing problems.

  • Avoid loud noise as much as it is possible to.
  • Wear ear protections at places like discos and rock concerts where the music is played very loudly.
  • Strictly avoid working near noisy machinery without ear protections.
  • Use head protectors while participating in sports like rugby and boxing where in head contacts may occur.
  • Earwax helps in trapping dirt and insects that may enter the ears. Frequent removal of earwax may cause irritation on the ear. It is advisable to clean the ears with one to two weeks interval. Just make sure to clean the outer ear always.
  • Keep the ears clean in order to prevent any infection. Don’t remove ear wax by putting any instrument in the ears by your own. If infection occurs, get to the doctors as soon as possible.
  • Sometimes sudden deafness may be cause by infections, trauma to the head or stroke. Consult a doctor immediately in such case.
  • Music lovers and DJs should use noise cancelling headphones such as Nixon headphones. These headphones are designed to eliminate extra noises and allow you to listen to the music perfectly. They are usually very soft on the ears and don’t cause damage to the inner ear as long as the volume is minimum.

Prevention is always the key to any problem. Keep your ears functional by adhering to the tips on how to avoid hearing problems!