The real reason why many women opt not to apply mascara is because they have no idea how to apply mascara properly. Most often, the mascara would look too thick or too messy that some women would end up foregoing the wonderful sexy look mascara can give.

To stop fearing mascara and what misapplying can do to you read on and follow the instructions here. The thing is you don’t have to worry about how to apply mascara properly as it involves three steps.

 friendly guidelines on how to apply mascara

  • Position the brush of your mascara at the roots of the lashes and brush it evenly towards the tips.
  • As you go through the brush, be sure you are doing some jiggle movement.
  • Remove the clumps if there is any.

These are simple enough steps but if you are after more effects, extra drama and avoiding a messy mascara look, here are more tips on how to apply mascara properly.

Removing The Clumps

No matter how careful you are or unless you have no-clump mascara, there is always a chance that you will encounter clumps in applying your mascara on. There are two ways or remove the clamp. You either remove it by using a lash comb or you can get rid of it using the mascara brush. Lash comb is recommended for this job but if you don’t have any, you can use the mascara brush by wiping the mascara with a tissue from its brush and use the brush to remove the clumps.

Preventing The Clumps

There is also another way how to apply mascara properly avoiding clumps altogether. There is a mascara brush called spoolies used by makeup artists. These are disposable mascara brush wherein you can only use once. The concept behind it is that clumps are often caused by excess or hardened mascara on the brush. If you use spoolies, the mascara won’t accumulate and hardened on the brush and cause clumps.

 applying a mascara naturally and beautifully

There is also a separate mascara type to use to have separate lashes effect. These are often no-clumps mascara. You can use this type of mascara if you don’t want to bother with clumps. And if you learn how to jiggle or wiggle the mascara brush during application, this will even out the mascara preventing clumps. That is why proper application is also an important factor in preventing clumps.

More Tips About Mascara Application

It is important to keep your mascara brush from dust contact. That is why you need to put it inside the mascara bottle as soon as you finish applying the mascara. It is also important to choose the right mascara color for you.

Mascara application is right after putting on the eye shadow. Curl your eyelashes first before you apply the mascara. Use waterproof mascara during monsoon or rainy season. Just be sure you have a make up remover handy for removing the mascara.

There are many tips as to how to apply mascara properly. What is important is that you apply using the three simple steps above. Just remember to wiggle the brush properly to distribute the mascara evenly. This will avoid clumps so that you don’t have to bother yourself removing it afterwards.