Personalizing your desktop is an option everybody must be doing with their computers.Free background images for desktop are available with a user interface for your computer’s desktop. It adds a background pattern to your computer, which allows for the display of icons, menus, and such other elements against it. Hence, they make your desktop background more attractive and cool.

There are numerous websites which offer free background images for computer whether its your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Various categories such as fine art, celebrity, animals, nature, and celebrity like hot Katy Perry wallpapers are among others. Free background images have been logically grouped into categories which make browsing easier such as beautiful nature scenes and appealing wallpapers in 3D of popular movies and games. Some of the more professional sites also offer high quality free background images in various resolutions for various monitor sizes. Selecting the best wallpapers becomes a great experience for users on these websites.

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The more professional websites which offer free background images have exclusive designs which have been made with images as wallpapers in mind. Such websites provide images in various sizes and categories in order for users to get the best benefits when using wallpapers. Sometimes, they offer features of galleries on their site so as to help guests to select cool background images for their desktop. You can even have free background images for websites such as your twitter website.

The websites which have been dedicated for free background images have various collections of photos stock with high resolution and HD images which can be used as backgrounds for your desktop. Images are offered on these sites in many resolutions which are suitable for widescreen monitors with HD. Such websites offer categories which include cars, celebrity, and nature wallpapers among others.

Free background images are available in various resolutions, and being familiar with these resolutions will allow you to select images of high quality. The classifications for the resolutions of the screen may range in terms of images from 16:9 – 16:10 for widescreens and from 5:4 – 4:3 for full screens.

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Indefinite Resolution Background Images

Some background images are made to be used specifically on a notebook, widescreen LCD, and HDTV widescreen. There are also free background images or wallpapers for computers with a double screen which uses two monitors and some even more. However, these wallpapers are harder to find.