Choosing and buying a perfect acoustic guitar is exciting. Yet, it is intricate for beginners for there are a lot of good guitars to choose from. When choosing, one should consider the sound, and the types of guitar to buy. Reading some tips can save both of your time and money.

classic inexpensive acoustic guitar

1. Know your budget

You need to set a price range for buying your best acoustic guitar. This will identify how much you are willing to spend for your guitar. Setting a price range can help you save money to buy for another item for your guitar such as acoustic guitar tuner or guitar capo to enhance the perfect sound of your guitar.

2. Identifying your purpose

There are different types of acoustic guitar. Before mentioning those types, it is wise to know your objective in buying the guitar. You can play the guitar for fun, for your practices, live performance or for recording.

3. Know your styles for your guitar

Before buying a guitar, it is essential to know the different styles of the guitar. There are seven common styles of the acoustic guitar. Cut off, Classic, Jumbo, Dreadnought, small body, nylon string and steel string are some of the various styles of the guitar. Each style has different sound and purpose.

  • Classic – classic guitar will you an overall balance of the low, mid and high frequencies. It is good for fingerpick or some called it picking. It also excellent for strumming. Some prefer to use light strings since medium strings create tension. The classic guitars are designed for those who are light strummers.
  • Dreadnought – gives you the richer sound of a bass. The sound of the Dreadnought guitar is louder compared to the classic guitars. If you prefer a “boomy” sound, you can opt for this type of guitar. It is sensible to use medium strings for this type of guitar.
  • Jumbo provides strong bass sound like the dreadnought but it also looks like a classic guitar. Though, it is bigger than the classic guitar. This is commonly used by the performing artists. Like the dreadnought, the medium strings can be used in order to produce big “boomy” sounds.
  • Small body – it is used for children or beginners practices. Some small body guitars look like the smaller version of the jumbo guitars. It is said to be good for practices since the overall structure of the guitar such as the neck, body, and fret is smaller than any other guitars.
  • Cut off – is also considered as the acoustic electric guitar. It has a slender body but heavier compared to all types of guitar.
  • Nylon Strings – this type of guitar has nylon strings. It is durable compared to steel strings. Since nylon strings are thick, it enriches the bass sound of the guitar.
  • Steel Strings – this type of guitar has steel strings. The strings vary into two types, namely, the light and the medium. The buyer must always remember that the lighter strings give sharper sounds. Yet, there are brittle and not advisable for the heavy strummers to use.

epiphone gibson howard moder acoustic guitar

Aside from the tips mentioned above, it is important to assess the guitar if it has cracks, scratches and dents. It is also great to bring a friend who is an experienced player when you buy a guitar since he or she can assist you on assessing your guitar. Moreover, when you buy a guitar, you should also know how to care for it. With this, you might consider to buy for a guitar case or guitar humidifier to maintain the good quality of your guitar. It is not about the price for purchasing good quality and durability but it is how you take care of it. Hence, it is essential to do some research before buying an acoustic guitar. Look for more guitar reviews and tips on how to care of your guitar.