There are different designs and types of kitchen faucets. Depending on the style, a particular technique should be used during the installation process. Whether it is a disc faucet or an oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet, the right method must be done in securing the item in the sink. Leaks are common in poorly installed faucets, so it is important to attach the faucet in an appropriate way.

Installation Tips for Kitchen Faucets

The following tips can help people install kitchen faucets without any hassle.

1. The faucet should be installed before setting the sink.

When there is a need to install the faucet and sink at the same time, the process can be very simple.

  • It will be easy to have full access of the bottom portion of the sink, as well as the connections when the sink has not been set on the countertop.
  • When the sink is already attached to the countertop, it would be helpful to remove the sink before installing the faucet.
  • This process can help people reach down to the sink and connections in an efficient and convenient manner.

kitchen faucet installation

2. Determine the type of assembly required for the type of faucet.

Some faucets require pre-assembly procedures, while other faucets have built-in and assembled features.

  • It is important to check the manual before attempting to install the faucet.
  • For those who have purchased a faucet with pull-out sprayer, they need to attach the sprayer to the faucet’s body before installing the unit.
  • The manual contains essential information and reminders regarding assembly and installation requirements.

3. Use a special compound in sealing the faucet tightly.

There are faucets that may be purchased with a type of gasket for sealing purposes.

  • The rubber gasket should be positioned between the faucet and the sink, as this would ensure a reliable seal.
  • However, those who have purchased a faucet without gasket should use a type of compound in creating a watertight seal. A plumber’s putty is the ideal material in sealing the faucet to the sink.
  • The putty should be applied on the faucet before inserting it to the slots in the sink, so the unit will not slip or detach.

best thing to consider installing kitchen faucet

4. Install the faucet by using the right tools.

The best way to tighten the faucet’s nuts is with the use of a long socket. This tool can guide the screwdriver when tightening the nuts. Those who have decided not to remove the sink prior installing the faucet should use a long socket. They can reach deep at the bottom of the sink and attach the connections without any problem.

  • Some faucets may be purchased with a long socket, so it is no longer necessary to use an extra tool for the installation process.

Additional Reminders

There might be a need to bend the faucet’s tubes to attach the water supply lines properly. A high-quality pipe sealing tape may also be wrapped around the shut off valves. The tape can help secure the valves to the tubes, and it creates a watertight and durable seal. It is important to have all the tools before starting with the installation of the faucet.