Holding a cocktail party is easy and less stressful with proper organization and appropriate equipments. And if you have gathered all the proper elements that you need, enjoyment and good times are guaranteed to be achieved with your group of friends, colleagues, family, or clients. Cocktail party is a very versatile occasion that can be done at any time of the day – may it be in the middle of the afternoon until late hours in the evening.

These tips will help you get ideas on how to make cocktails, frosting glass rims, and preparing finger foods that you can serve in your next cocktail party.

 Perfect Party Cocktails


  • It is a wonderful entertainment for the guests if you are able to show them how the drinks are mixed. However, if you are to make them on your own alone, it may be a little time-consuming. So if you cannot afford to hire professional bartenders to do the job for you in the party, it is best and easier for you to serve only few types of drinks to the guests.
  • As for cocktail drinks, it is ideal that you choose punch type of drinks like Champagne or Sangria punch placed in a large bowl. In this manner, the guests can get the drinks by themselves.


  • Typically, you will need at least one cocktail shaker to help you mix juices and other drinks better. A cocktail shaker also drains the mixture while it is poured in the glass.
  • Cocktail drink measures may also be useful to you for more accurate measurements of ingredients needed for the drinks.
  • You will also need a blender to crush the ice for you as drinks are better-tasting and it is a prerequisite that you serve them with ice.
  • Fruits add instant appeal and colors to your cocktails so having a fruit slicer or cutters with styles can be a good investment when preparing drinks for your guests.


Using frosted glasses for serving drinks adds an instant professional appeal to them. Glass rim frosting is absolutely easy to do. All you have to do is dip the glass rim into lemon juice or iced water and then into caster sugar, while turning the glass to achieve an even coating of the sugar.


Finger foods are a must-have in order to create a successful cocktail party. Guests at cocktail parties are supposedly standing so make sure to serve a buffet of finger foods in a place where your guests can easily pick snacks any time they want.

Great Party Cocktail Sauce

  • Prepare foods that have different texture, color, and flavor to add variety into them. Also make sure that you prepare the foods prior to the schedule of the party.
  • You should also create dips as finger foods are typically fried. And when it comes to dips, a cocktail sauce always go well with any drink served in a cocktail party.
  • Some good staples which you could also serve are bowls of cashews, salted almonds, peanuts, olives, pistachios, and pickles. These can be prepared ahead and left in any room so that the guests will be able to get these by themselves.