It is natural for a dog to bark when he sees an outsider or an apparent intruder but there are a few dogs that simply keep barking for no reason. While training them not to bark is an option, many owners are looking for fast ways for their dogs to quit barking. This is the reason why the anti bark collar is getting famous by the day. Such a collar prevents the dog form barking and making noise unnecessarily. Here is more information about the no bark collar or the anti bark collar:

Important Information

  • Many anti bark collar reviews claim that the collar does not cause any harm to the dog but it is important to check and make a thorough analysis before making your purchase. If you think your dog is barking for no reason and is creating unnecessary havoc, the Citronella anti bark collar is an ideal choice. This collar emits a smell that is repulsive to dogs thus distracting them completely. They hence stop barking. It is ideal because this collar does not contain any harmful chemicals or agents that can affect the health of your canine.

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  • Besides the anti bark spray collar, there are also other collars such as the shock collar and the sonic collar that work to stop dogs from barking. While the shock collar sends a current through the dog, the sonic collar produces a sound that distracts the dog and stops the barking.

  • If you have decided to go with the anti bark collar, you have to be careful about which one you pick. There are collars that are made of nylon and are comfortable. They fit your dog and don’t provide any discomfort.

  • Make sure you pick the right size according to your dog. Buy durable collars that can last long so that you don’t need to make a purchase over and over again.

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  • Buy an anti bark collar that warns before actually shocking your dog. The warning will remind the dog not to bark and you won’t have to put your dog through the shock at all. Only when your dog barks for a long time should the collar be activated.

  • These collars are the ideal answer to complaining neighbors. You can make your dog wear the anti bark collar until he learns not to bark unnecessarily.

Try training your dog before buying the anti bark collar. If your neighbors are complaining too much and your dog’s barking is going out of hand, pick a safe collar to train him not to bark. Buying cheap collars can harm your dog very much. It is important to be careful.