Faucets dispense water and are thus extremely essential. They are an integral part of the house and you should thus make sure they work properly at all times. There are numerous things that could go wrong calling for faucet repair but no matter how small the problem may seem to you, you should solve it immediately or call for help. There are some techniques you could use for faucet repair all by yourself instead of calling the plumbing technicians for every single thing. Here are some popular faucet problems and ways to solve them yourself in order to save money on faucet repair and also a great deal of frustration.

Leaky Faucet

This is the number one problem when it comes to faucets. Many people just let it go and are later surprised to get an edgy rise in the water bill. A leakage is caused because of a problem in the washer or the seal and to repair it thus you have to replace the washer and seal or maybe repair the seal.

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How to Solve Leaky Faucet

  • First and foremost you must shut the water supply off completely. Then remove the faucet.

  • The screws could be very tight and lubrication may also be required. Once you detach it, the faucet handle should be removed using pliers or a wrench.

  • You should be careful not to hurt the metal while doing this.

  • Check the screw for the washer and see if it is functioning well. If not, replace the damaged screw.

Noisy Faucet

Sometimes, due to some internal problem or damage, faucets can become very noisy. Every time you turn it on or off, the faucet will make a very annoying noise. If this is what you are facing, you should call for faucet repair immediately.

  • The pipes are the root cause here and they should be replaced immediately.

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  • The washer may also be a problem because of their incompatible size. You should either replace them or tighten them in order to curb the noise.

  • You may also experience a squealing noise at times in the shower. For such shower faucet repair, you need to check the metal threads. These may be pressing against the faucet threads.

  • You should lubricate the stem threads in order to avoid it. Worst-case scenario is to replace the faucet.

Whether it is Delta shower faucet repair or Price Pfister faucet repair or just anything else, there are things that you could do yourself instead of hiring help all the time. You could install the faucet aerator in order reduce the leakage chances because you will get a controlled flow of water through these. There are many such precautions that you should take in order to control your water bill as well as stay away from the usual annoying problems posed by faucets.