Using a paint marker is a great way of writing permanently on a whole range of surfaces that include not just paper but unorthodox surfaces such as stone and metal without losing their color in the process. This is because this marker utilizes an oil-based ink and so will grip the surface a lot better than water-based inks will. In fact, these paint markers are completely waterproof and the ink will not run even if the surface is heated. Thus, they are well suited to be used on a variety of mediums. In fact, it is a paint pen that is used widely on mediums that water-based pens just cannot grip.

7 Tips For Effective Use of Paint Markers

  • Before using a paint marker, shake it up to release the pigments of paint so they don’t stick together. Thus, they are more loosely applied to the surface from the marker. This is in a similar way that you would release the pigments in an aerosol spray can.

assorted color paint marker

  • The paint from paint markers will not fade with exposure to the sun as the line is quite opaque and it layers multiple colors on top of each other so as to strengthen the layer of color on a surface.

  • Unlike other water-based markers, the paint marker is not permanent and its color can be removed by utilizing a high pressure cleaning action with solvents such as turpentine or acetone or you can just paint over it.

  • You do need to take care when using this product as it does contain toluene and xylene, which are toxic compounds that can cause dizziness or tiredness if they are breathed in heavily.

best black paint pen

  • A useful tip is to use a paint marker in an area that is well ventilated. Use a facemask in applying the product to prevent inhalation. You can also use gloves to protect your skin through absorption.

  • Before use, prime the paint marker by pressing it against a piece of paper until you can see the paint flowing. When you are applying this product, use gentle strokes when you are doing outline, lettering or lines. It does not need to be used vigorously, just depressed enough so that paint flows from it.

  • If you want to apply a different color or a new coat, wait until that first coat dries so you don’t run the colors together and they are kept separate.

Always remember to take good care of your health when using paint markers. Wear protective clothing to ensure maximum protection.