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Tips and Tricks on Removing Sharpie Markers | Content Injection

Sharpie markers stains could really look scruffy on any surface other than an art paper. It is annoying to be stained by these markers which are very difficult to remove. They look messy on your clothes, walls or wallpapers that was once clean. But do not confuse these stains from the sharpie fabric markers because these markers are especially made to create artistic stains on your clothing.

The successful and unsuccessful removing of sharpie permanent markers depends on the tools you use in removing them. If you do not know how to handle the situation, you might want to know some simple techniques, tips and tricks.

Guidelines in Removing Sharpie Markers

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  • You can use toothpaste as one of the alternatives that can effectively remove the marker’s stain and the ink. Just rub the toothpaste gently and simply apply it using the soft cloth. Lastly, just rinse the stained part and allow it to dry.
  • There are commercial cleaners that are available in department stores which you can use. They have been known to successfully remove any types of stains even on sharpie markers.
  • When the surface that had been stained can be covered through painting, it is perfect when you can use a paint pen or the Sharpie paint markers to cover the spot.
  • Before you apply any solution, make sure you have tested the material on the small area of the stained item. This is just to make sure that the solution used will not cause any damage to the item. First, you can test by rubbing it lightly and when you are sure that the solution is not harmful to your furniture or clothing, you can rub it harder to the affected area.

best sharpie paint markers

  • Use first the less toxic chemical method before you opt for the harsh chemicals. There are certain chemicals that can destroy your items. If the Sharpie marker stain is not removed by the mild materials that will be the time you test the harsher one.
  • When you are planning to use nail polish remover, choose something that will not add color. This is just to keep away the fabric from causing another stain.

These are some of the tips you might need when it comes to removing stains from Sharpie markers. Though these tips and tricks may help you big time in removing stains, it is still better to be careful when using these markers. After all, you do not want to damage any of your favorite stuff.