Making sure that your dress and bags match is very important. It is an essential aspect of fashion and that is why you should know how to do it right. Any blunder in matching can lead to a disastrous overall appearance and your D-day could turn into something you’d never want to think about. However easy pairing dress and bags may seem, it requires some thought and time. You can’t always pick the same colored bag as your dress and expect it to match. Too much monotony is not good. Hence, there are a few basic guidelines to follow in order to match your dress and bags. Here are some such guidelines for you to follow.

fashions tips on pairing dress and bags

How To Match Dress and Bags

  • First of all before even starting to think about pairing your bag with your clothes, you should have a style in mind. A style that suits your personality as well as your lifestyle would be perfect. Once you are done, you can go ahead with matching your dress and bags.
  • If you want to look tidy, don’t carry more than one bag. If you have a lot of stuff and you need two bags, make sure one is a backpack. The other should be a clutch. A Tory Burch clutch bag is the best bet. The pattern should be different on both the bags.
  • Color contrast is also something you should give a thought. Wearing contrasting dress and bags can be cool but you shouldn’t go overboard with it. Keep away from vibrant contrasts unless you are a pop star. A slight and an attractive contrast are pleasing and complement each other very well. Here is a disastrous example: bright yellow dress and bright blue bag. You might end up looking like a clown with such pairing.
  • Similar color pairing is also a good idea. Choosing the same color for your dress and bags is okay but avoid having same shade. The same color and same shade are two different things. While choosing the same color is fine, choosing the same shade is not really okay. Always vary the shade of the bag and the dress.
  • Floral prints is something you should be careful as well. You could go completely floral but again, you should be careful about the floral tone. Always vary the tone on your dress and bags because monotony won’t look nice. Choose one floral tone from your dress and match your bag with that. You can go vice versa too by choosing one floral tone from your bag and matching your dress with that one.
  • If you have a darker skin tone, you could wear a bright colored dress and pair it with a neutral bag.

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No matter what you are wearing and how you are matching your dress and bags, remember that your comfort level comes first. Check yourself out in the mirror before you step out and be confident about your dress.