Sore throat is probably the most common and most frustrating infection of all. Not only is it annoying to feel something itching in your throat, it is also very painful. Sore throat may be caused by both bacteria and viruses. While antibiotics can cure a bacterial infection, they are useless against viruses. However, there are various sore throat relief treatments that you could choose in order to get some relief for sore throat. Here are some of the treatments for sore throat and you can choose the best sore throat relief treatments based on your condition.

Natural/ Home Sore Throat Relief Treatment

Natural treatment is usually preferred because it is also effective against viruses unlike antibiotics as aforementioned.

  • In order to relieve the swelling and the discomfort, it is ideal to gargle with salt water. Make sure the water is warm. You must gargle once every hour taking about 5 grams of salt in 240 ml of water. In cases of postnatal drip, you should gargle more frequently in order to ease further irritation.

sore throat relief home remedies

  • It is very important to prevent dehydration when you are looking for sore throat relief. You should increase the fluid intake so that your throat stays moisturized and the fluids stimulate secretions to soothe the throat. Tea and soup are good examples of fluids to be taken during throat infection. This is an excellent way of sore throat relief for children and is widely employed.

  • Install a humidifier or a vaporizer in your bedroom. Getting the throat dry will only make it hurt a lot more.

  • You can also use aroma oils such as lemon, tea tree, cypress extract in order to gargle along with warm water and one teaspoon of honey. However, you need to make sure that your sore throat haven’t escalated yet to a wound because gargling with something citrus would really be painful.

  • Vitamin C is an excellent sore throat relief remedy. It is doctor recommended and vitamin C rich fruits such as limes, lemons, oranges and pineapples speed up the process of sore throat healing. These are also anti inflammatory.

  • Basil leaves are also a great sore throat relief remedy. Simply take about 2 teaspoon of fresh leaves and mix with crushed cloves [2-3]. Pour piping hot water on them and let the steeping continue for about ten minutes. Strain and add honey to this. Drink this concoction. This may be done for about 2 days.

  • Many herbs such as liquorice, cedar, cider vinegar, honeysuckle flower, sage and marsh mellow root provide sore throat relief. Throat coat is an example of tea made out of liquorice root and is an excellent remedy for sore throat.

sore throat relief and home remedies for children

Synthetic Sore Throat Relief Remedies

  • There are a number of non prescription medicines that you could use for sore throat relief. For example, there are throat lozenges like Spec-T that are effective, safe and are local anesthetics that numb your throat in order to relieve you from the pain for extreme cases.

  • Decongestant may also be used. You could choose from nasal sprays and oral decongestants or pills. These are usually avoided because of side effects but they work faster and are more effective. Ibuprofen and Aspirin are some examples of pills that may be taken. Aspirin is not recommended for those below the age of 20 years.

  • Regular intake of cough drops also gives sore throat relief.

If the symptoms keep increasing despite the usage of any of these remedies, you should see a doctor. Allergic reactions will also need a doctor’s guidance. Also, avoid self-medication as much as possible especially when you’re doing a certain remedy or treatment for the first time. You may have a totally different and adverse effect since our bodies are all different. Getting expert help is still the best way to get sore throat relief even though you think it is something minor.