Tom Ford Nikita is one of the most popular designer sunglasses that fashion enthusiasts including Hollywood actresses love to wear. What is unique about this special eyewear is its appearance. The lenses revive that vintage acetate style and are enclosed in perfectly sculpted cat eye frames. It combines a classic, elegant, and beautiful look for its wearers.

tom ford nikita FT 0173

A Brief Background on the Tom Ford Brand

The Tom Ford Nikita sunglasses are just part of the product lines offered by the designer brand Tom Ford. Tom Ford is an American fashion designer and film director. His first educational inclination was with art history. But he eventually redirected his interest on architecture offered by the Parsons School of Design with schools in New York and Paris. Tom Ford received international fame when he became the Design Director and Creative Director of the international brand Gucci in 1992 and 1994.

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He was the man behind most of Gucci’s designs during that time from clothing items up to its perfume lines. He was also one of the active persons when Gucci eventually acquired Yves Saint Laurent or YSL. After 10 years of working on the Gucci Group, Tom Ford eventually started his own self-titled brand in April 2005. Among the product lines of Tom Ford include men’s and women’s wear, a line of fragrances, and a line of eyewear which include the Tom Ford sunglasses Nikita.

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Selection Tips and Guidelines

Since there are so many variety of Tom Ford Nikita, here are some tips when shopping for these sunglasses.

  • Choose your preferred Nikita variants. Tom Ford offers three variants of the Nikita sunglasses, thus, you should choose a particular style or model according to your styling needs or preferences. The three options include; the Shiny Black which features gradient dark grey lenses, the Light Havana with transparent honey or Roviex lenses, and the Shiny Ivory featuring gradient green lenses. But if you want flexibility in styling and if you have sufficient budget, purchasing the three styles could be a good decision.
  • Inspect the sunglasses for possible defects. Because of shipping and handling, some of these sunglasses eventually get damaged along the way. Some customers have reported to receive a package with broken arms or scratched lenses. Hence, it is a must to thoroughly inspect the sunglasses before leaving your favorite eyewear shop. This could save you all the troubles that could have been experienced if you discover the flaw after buying it.
  • Check if the store offers size variations. Generally, the Tom Ford Nikita cat eye sunglasses are offered in the same or uniform sizes. But there are large eyewear shops that are capable of requesting and selling them in distinct sizes fit for the requirements or facial structure of the user.
  • Buy from a reliable store or shop. Counterfeit goods are now prevalent from expensive clothing, bags, up to sunglasses. These fake goods often mimic the style and make of the expensive or luxury brands like Gucci and Tom Ford. Thus, it pays to purchase only from reliable and licensed distributors or stores.
  • Check the warranty. Your last guarantee and recourse in buying a Tom Ford Nikita will eventually be the sunglasses’ warranty.

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Tips when shopping for any items are really useful, especially when it comes to sunglasses due of its wide variety. The sunglasses offered by Tom Ford especially the Nikita models could really provide unique, classy, elegant, and beautiful looks and styling for most women.