When it comes to making a fashion statement, both men and women can be seen wearing necklaces. However, many of them are not sure how they should be doing it, so they need tips on wearing necklaces. In order to help them know when to wear certain kinds of necklaces from plain gold chains to a fancy feather necklace, here are some tips on wearing necklaces they can follow.

Best Tips On Wearing Necklaces

Wear A Necklace Based On Body Size

A big fashion faux paux is when someone is seen wearing necklaces that are not right for their body frame. For instance, if someone has a small stature, they shouldn’t wear a big and bulky looking necklace or a really long chained necklace because it will make their body look even smaller and bulkier.

Plus, if someone is a big person, they shouldn’t be seen wearing necklaces that are tiny or fragile, but should instead wear some big necklace of pearls, or beads or perhaps that fancy intricate and elaborate feather necklace.

A person with a round face and a heavy neck should be wearing necklaces that are 24 inches long or more because that will draw the attention downward and make you look thinner. Or you can layer more than one necklace.

A person with a thin neck should in turn be wearing necklaces that are shorter so it looks a bit larger and more stylish. The choice of a short necklace will also frame the face.

Guide on Wearing Feather Necklace

Wear Necklaces With Right Clothing

If a man or women is seen wearing necklaces with an open or no color shirt, they should probably choose a chocker style necklace. Another idea for the guys is to wear a black rubber necklace with silver or steel clasp for that elegant, but simple look with your more formal shirts. He could also choose to wear a simple chain style necklace with it made of gold, silver or steel, depending on the color of the outfit.

If either a man or woman is wearing a top and bottom that’s the same color, they should wear a long necklace of a contrasting color. However, if the top is a different color than the pants, they can be seen wearing necklaces that are the same color as the top to draw the eye upwards. A short stranded necklace is also great when wearing necklaces with a V necked shirt.

These are some basic rules to follow when wearing necklaces that can be used by both men and women to avoid fashion no-nos the next time you go out on the town.