According to fashion, there are times that it is appropriate to wear shirts and when not to wear shirts. It will depend on the situation of the time, place and occasion. A really cold day for example, is a perfect time not to wear shirts as this will pose a risk on your body. Special occasions also are a time not to wear shirts going to that special occasion where many people are wearing their best. Extremely hot days are also a time not to wear shirts that are just ordinary because sweat can accumulate and will affect not only your looks but also the way you will smell.

know when not to wear shirts

Perfect Substitute for Shirts

When not to wear shirts, Dri fit shirts can be a substitute. It provides the comfort of a shirt but without the uncomfortable feeling of accumulated sweat and unpleasant odor that comes along with the sweating. It is also lighter than most ordinary shirts that is usually worn during common days. Dri fit shirts are designed that way to give as much comfort to the wearer on days that ordinary shirts will not cut it. Speaking of fashion, dri fit shirts can also come in custom sizes and styles that compensates to times not to wear shirts that just look and feel ordinary with ordinary materials that is being used to the creation of that shirt. And since some dri fit shirts are custom made, this can also be worn at occasions that are inappropriate to wear shirts.

Anyone who has a dri fit shirt can cut down on how many times they will have to change their shirts during the course of the day because they will not have to worry about ruining the looks of the shirt that they will be wearing. This is true because hot days is when not to wear shirts that will have visible markings of sweat stains and even dirt stains because of the wetness that sweat produces.

athletic dri fit shirts

Dri fit shirts are also fashionable because of the flexibility of the designs that it could have and even the materials used to make it. It can also carry out prints which is perfect for companies that gives shirts to their employees that have a heavy workload such as a warehouse or other related fields of work. It will be an advantage for their workers not to worry about changing shirts from time to time so that sweat will not accumulate on their shirt and will cause some health problems such as pulmonary diseases that are caused by dried sweat over the body. Dri fit shirts are also a solution for a person not to use excessive fragrances because sweat does not build up on the shirt.

When not to wear shirts is a question that can be answered by several predetermined factors. Although it still depends on a certain situation, the general rule is to wear accordingly and with comfort. Next time if you are asked when not to wear shirts, the answer  will be very simple for you to give.