Today, people have become educated on energy saving and management. This goes a long way in keeping a country green. This is done by lowering carbon emission footprint, making the ecology better as well as individual’s savings. One exceptionally convenient way to contribute towards energy management is by using energy efficient light bulbs which account for the least energy spent in the world. The best energy efficient light bulbs have been improved by technology and made to be easily available in markets for everybody to access them.

energy saving cfl bulb

How They Work

To better understand the need to change from normal lighting to energy efficient light bulbs; it is necessary to learn how these light bulbs work. One thing to note is that all light bulbs use electricity to function but what distinguishes energy saving from normal bulbs is consumption of less electricity. Normal bulbs, also known as incandescent bulbs, produce light by action of incandescence which is heating of an object to a point of bright glowing. Large amounts of energy using incandescent bulbs.

Types of Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Below are essentials of some of the types of energy efficient light bulbs.

  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) – These lighting create visible light by fluorescence. This means that they are made to absorb certain frequencies of light and glow, thereafter emits new light at greater wavelengths than absorbed initially. They are made out of a mixture of gasses which contain traces of mercury. This mercury is excited by an electrical current, to emit ultraviolet light which is then absorbed by the fluorescent coating inside the CFL and converted to visible light. This light lasts longer than ultraviolet light. Amounts of energy required to excite gas are less compared to the amount of energy required to heat an incandescent bulbs filament.
  • Halogen Light Bulbs Halogen light bulbs energy efficient rates are impressive. These bulbs use the same principle as incandescent light bulbs in working but achieve greater efficiency in energy saving by increasing heat potential of filament as well as durability. Halogen lamps are smaller bulbs which are surrounded by compressed inert gasses. These gasses allow evaporated tungsten to redeposit on filament, which is better known as recycling. This is unlikely in normal bulbs where their tungsten filaments heats up and trace amounts of metal evaporate, causing burnouts over time.

save more money and energy using halogen light bulbs

These types of energy efficient light bulbs are available in all different shapes, sizes and designs for you to choose. They are made into various types and designs such as the spiral gu24 bulb, dimmable energy efficient light bulbs and many more. These variations were created so that you can never miss one that will best fit your home decor. If you want to go environmental and save money but not compromising the quality of lighting, these energy efficient light bulbs will do the trick.