Colors have been instrumental to fashion and design for ages. Tie dye techniques has been used to enhance design and coloring of fabric in designs. Tie dye process involves tying and then dyeing clothes of different fabrics made from of woven or knit fabric. This fabric might be made of cotton or other synthetic materials or combination of this.

Tie dye techniques involves folding the fabric to be dying in a given pattern and tying it firmly with stings or any other materials like rubber band which will separate the coloring. After tying the fabric is then soaked in dye. Procion MX fiber reactive dye is the most preferred dyer. This dyer works at warm temperatures. This tie dye techniques permanently bind molecules with cellulose based fibers such as cotton, rayon, hemp as well as silk. Usually sodium carbonate is generally used to raise the PH. Sodium bicarbonate can be added directly to the dye or in water solution where the fabric is to be soaked before the dyeing is done.

cute purple tie dyed shirt

Tie Dye Patterns

Different tie dye patterns can be applied to the fabric to be deigned. Person carrying the dying decide the patterns to use. Patterns will appear in relation to how the fabric is folded and tied before the dye is applied.

Tie Dye techniques can be used in different fabric designs including:

Tie dye socks

To do tie dye socks is easy and fun. One requires a white cotton socks. Make sure the socks are clean before dying preferably fresh from laundry. You should then tie the parts you don’t want to apply the dye to. Sock the socks in water to make it slightly when to allow better absorption of the dye. Sock the socks into the die and this will make the untied parts to absorb the dye. The socks should then be tried to allow the dye to stick well.

Tie dye jeans

Jean clothes or materials can clothes can also be dyed. Being a slightly hard material, tie dye jeans should be tied firmly before it is and socked in the dye. Jeans usually have different color variations and to ensure the right color is attained dye should be of the right shades or mixed to precision.

They do not fade with washing, but sunlight will cause the colors to fade over time.

artistic tie dyed jeans

Tie Dye Roses

Artificial roses can be designed using tie dye roses techniques. This gives a cool roses for both home and office decorations. Firstly the roses should be designed and trimmed as required then soaked in the appropriate color dye.

There are so many things you can do with tie dye process. You can basically use any fabric to put colors into. You can use shirts, jeans, scarves, and now roses. You can use your imagination to create colorful pieces of art.