Did you know that an important stage in the development of an individual includes the stage where he is capable of recognizing himself in the mirror? So yes, the next time someone catches you gazing too long in the vanity mirror, you can let them know that this is actually a productive habit.

Common Uses of Vanity Mirrors

Vanity mirrors combine function with style. Not only do they add the illusion of space and light in a washroom and can serve a decorative purpose but they also need to be functional as men use bathroom vanity mirrors for shaving and women use them for putting on makeup.

Since they serve utilitarian purposes as well, it is best to buy large sized bathroom vanity mirrors with decent illumination which also come in various options and features. Vanity mirrors with lights used by professional makeup artists can contain up to 12 bulbs with a dimmer option. Wall mounted vanity lights work better than recessed down lights.

modern lighted vanity mirror

Popular Types and Designs of Vanity Mirrors

Popular types and designs of vanity mirrors include:

  • Framed vanity mirrors – Can be mounted in a wide range of styles, finishes and polishes that go with the general theme of the wash room.
  • Unframed vanity mirrors – Are generally unframed with buffed and rounded edges.
  • Attached – If you are short on space, you can double up your space by attaching a medicine cabinet behind the vanity mirror.
  • Unattached – If you prefer a lighter, more modern look for your washroom, go for unattached, wall mounted vanity mirrors.
  • Single mirror – The most common type of vanity mirrors contains a single mirror.
  • Multiple mirrors – Multiple vanity mirrors, especially pivoted ones, are quite popular as they allow you to check your image from different angles.
  • Lighted vanity mirrors – Illuminated mirrors make it easier to put on makeup and shave.

Tips for Maintaining Vanity Mirrors

Here are a few tips for keeping your mirrors in top shape so they last you a long time:

  1. Always use a nonabrasive material, such as a clean, dry cloth for cleaning your mirror.
  2. Clean the mirror properly at least once a week to ensure its hygiene.
  3. Use a newspaper dipped in vinegar to clean the mirror; wipe the glass dry with the newspaper.
  4. Do not use commercial cleaners for cleaning mirrors as they can strip off the covering.
  5. Protect the mirror from liquids as they can remove the mirror’s backing.
  6. If your mirror is damaged around the edges, you can hide that by getting your mirror framed.
  7. Go for low maintenance mirrors like brushed nickel mirrors that require less cleaning as compared with other mirrors.

royal class bathroom vanity mirrors

A vanity mirror may be named because of its beautifying and hygiene purposes, however, its utilitarian function may speak of itself more. For quality purchases, always consult reliable glass dealers and distributors.