When it comes to artwork and embroidery, silk ribbon remains one of the best materials to use. This is ascribed to not only its availability but also its good quality. Various stores offer this kind of ribbon making it available at any time of need. Due to different tastes, the processing companies have ensured that various silk ribbons are produced to meet the desires of every individual. Among the varieties of silk ribbons are hand dyed silk ribbon, black silk ribbon and white silk ribbon.

elegant white silk ribbon


Silk ribbon dates back to the 17th century when the London dress makers copied how the French made their attires. This kind of ribbon is mostly used in the Rococo embroidery. The quality is what matters in embroidery; hence, the demand for silk ribbons and for the never ending popularity of Rococo embroidery.

How to Use Silk Ribbons

creative hand dyed silk ribbon

Beginners in the embroidery realm can use any kind of silk ribbon. It is a matter of getting a few tips on making floral arrangements and simple patterns to become successful when dealing with silk ribbons. Another important thing about them is to master the various stitches involved when using these ribbons. They stitches can be:

  • Stem stitch
  • French knots
  • Straight stitch
  • Lazy daisy

Prior to using any silk ribbon, it is wise to read the instructions on the package. Such instructions help one know how or when to wash it so as to avoid any stains on the embroidery.

beautiful black silk ribbon

Where to Find Silk Ribbons

It is true that there are very many stores offering these items. The internet is where one is required to visit various websites offering silk ribbons and go through the information about the stores. This is because not all offer legitimate products. This implies one has to be careful when purchasing, especially if its bulk ribbon purchase. Much emphasis should be placed on the reviews and comments made about the ribbons. By doing so, one is provided an opportunity to determine the best stores to acquire silk ribbons. Therefore, it is important to do some research on various stores to ascertain the ones that offer ribbons that are not only affordable but also of high quality.

colorful bulk ribbon

As mentioned earlier, proper decision making has to be done when selecting this kind of ribbons. Wise choice of stores enables one to get high quality silk ribbons. With the antique look associated with them, their value keeps soaring high. It is, therefore, important to be associated with these beautiful products by purchasing items made out them.