Iris scissors are tiny scissors that were originally created to be used in ophthalmological surgery. Because of their design, iris scissors have been used for many other surgical and medical purposes.  They have also been used for craft-making, in tailoring studios and art studios and for many other purposes.  There are many different designs of iris scissors and you may choose between closed and open shank versions.

stainless ateel non sterile curved iris scissor

These scissors are much smaller than traditional scissors, and their point is very small and incredibly sharp.  Iris scissors must be kept very sharp to ensure that they make crisp and precise cuts, a consideration that is of the utmost importance in surgery.  Some are straight iris scissors, while others have blades that are curved for use in tasks that require a high degree of precision.  If you are left-handed, you can purchase special iris scissors that are designed for left-handed individuals.

curved angled disecting iris scissor


Other Uses of Iris Scissors

Iris scissors are not only used for eye surgeries.  Many types of surgeons and doctors rely on iris scissors to perform many different kinds of surgical procedures.  Many hospitals have several pairs of iris scissors on hand for a variety of purposes.  Iris scissors are also a staple for facilities that specialize in autopsies or dissections.  That is because they enable researchers to study the anatomical structure of a specimen without causing the type of damage that heavier tools or larger scissors would likely cause.


Iris scissors can also be a useful tool for people who enjoy craft projects.  Iris scissors are suitable for any precision work that needs to be completed, such as cutting plastic or fabric.  If you need to cut loose threads off of fabric without damaging the fabric itself, consider curved iris scissors.  Curved iris scissors feature blades that are curved and that are unlikely to cut the fabric below the thread.  Be sure that your blades are sharp so that you will get the best results from your iris scissors.  If you have difficulty cutting with your scissors or if cuts appear more ragged than you remember, it is likely time for you to sharpen your iris scissors.

high quality steel iris scissor


Caring for Iris Scissors

Just like a knife, a saw or any other instrument with a blade, your iris scissors require a special degree of care.  Be sure that you keep the blades clean and that they are also sharp.  Apply oil to the hinge where the scissors’ moving parts are located to ensure that your iris scissors operate as smoothly as they can.  You should also store them in a safe place and cover the tip of the scissors so that no one cuts themselves when retrieving the scissors.  You will be glad to know that iris scissors are extremely durable because they are designed specifically for medical use which typically involves a sterilization process with an autoclave as well as regular washing with antiseptic soap.

delicate straight surgical iris scissor

If you are in the market for a new pair of surgical scissors, you should definitely consider investing in a pair of iris scissors.  By choosing this highly respected design, you can ensure that your scissors will perform the way you need them to so that you can achieve your desired results.