In previous years, several automakers have installed on their cars the oil-life monitors. Because of this, the driver will know when would be the next service is scheduled. For some, the motor oil will be changed depending on the driver’s driving condition while for others it depends on how far the vehicle travels. Obviously, changing of oil as well as its filter can help maintain your vehicle. The purpose of changing your motor oil is to lubricate your car’s engine. And if the engine is properly lubricated, it functions well and far from any engine damages or troubles while having a long distance travel. Without periodic service such as oil change, the metal-on-metal contact will eventually cause severe damage to your engine.

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How to Choose the Right Motor Oil Brands for Your Car?

Motor oil is the lifeblood of the engine. This is a popular analogy but actually it’s not that really an exact description. In human’s body, it is the blood that carries nutrients to our cells. However, in case of vehicles, it is the air that transmits nutrition to an engine. The oil on the other hand is the lubricant to make every part keeps on moving. This is why, motor oil is very important in any vehicles. Thus, as a car owner, you want nothing but the best oil for our engines. There are different brands of motor oil, depending on your car needs, you can choose among those many brands. For some they would rather mix and blend two oils in order for them to get the right blending of motor oil for their car’s engine.

  • The conventional oil is the most affordable among the three types of oils. This particular oil is just a byproduct of the crude oil cleansing process. It is however quicker to deterioration, most especially if exposed to high heat levels.
  • Synthetic motor oil. This one is a little bit expensive compared to conventional motor oil. This one is made from polyalphaolefins also known as PAO. It is cleaner and stable than the conventional oil.
  • Synthetic blends. As what the name implies, is certain oil is a combination of other oils. The price of this one is close enough to conventional motor oil which makes this as the second choice of other drivers who wants to save money.

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For some drivers, they rather do the changing of motor oil by themselves. Actually, it’s pretty easy to drain used motor oil. You just need to pull the drain plug then change the oil. Make sure you use the right tools and check on the manuals to ensure a succesful process.