Easels are used to hold or display finished or unfinished artwork, either horizontal or vertical position. Some of these are smaller in size for ease in transport to different locations. Easels range in size, weight, material, shape and complexity.

wooden a-frame studio easel

Types of Easel

  • A-Frame Easels – an A shape or triangular easel, has 3 legs. The single leg at the back can allow placement in tight spaces or corners. Also called as lyre easel. There are also various models of lyre easels that differ in the type wood, width, length and flexibility.
  • H- Frame Easels – an H shaped easel, sturdy and can hold 100 inch canvas. Usually created with handy paint trays for storage of art supplies. Most of these frames can be tilted or slant forward and backward.
  • Giant Easels – specially designed for artist on a large scale. These easels can hold or support a canvas with the length of 244 centimeters or more. These are also fully adjustable to suit the need of the artist.
  • Convertible Easels – are also called “hybrid easel”. These can be converted into a table for pastel artist and upright easel for acrylic and oil painters. These provide maximum flexibility and also available with cupboards to hold extra papers or canvas.
  • Single Mast Easel – usually used by beginners, affordable and simple. These are also available in different type of wood used, material and sizes. Most of these can be easily stored and are collapsible.
  • Table Top Easel – these are usually used by small scale artists. These are compact, portable and affordable. These are also available in various models.
  • Portable Easel – are also called “French easel”. These are outdoor designed, usually used by the artist that often transfer locations from one place to another. Other models of this easel have built in drawers and self.
  • Bench Easel – are easel with bench, also used by outdoor artist. There are models of this easel that has wheels for easier transport.
  • Display Easel – primarily used for display of finished art products.
  • Pochade Boxes – are compact boxes, which allows the artist to store art supplies in one place and work on another. Allows artist to work on 12 inch canvas.
  • Children’s Easel – are adjustable to grow along with your child. Available with two sides, allowing both child work on their art at the same time.

children muti use art easel

Listed here are just the types of easel, each of these types has various models to choose from. Most of these are created from high quality materials, fine wood finish and are also flexible to suit your needs.