Usher is a very famous singer who also has his own cologne. Usher cologne has been out for many years and it is still as popular today as it was when it first came out. Usher cologne for men is a strong masculine scent that actually smells better the longer it is on.

The reason Usher cologne smells better the longer you have it on is because the scent is so strong that as it weakens it turns into a very intoxicating scent. If you read any Usher cologne review you will see that most people will spray it on hours before going out. The whole point of doing this is to get the best scent while not overdoing it. Just keep in mind that most colognes work like this, however, most men don’t apply them in right manner. If you spray Usher cologne on as recommended, then you enjoy what is has to offer.

Usher Cologne for men

Impressions From Users

Usher cologne may be just another cologne option available in the market today. Hence, there are a few noticeable characteristics of this cologne that makes it stand out against others.

  • Great Smell – As with any cologne, you wear it because of the smell. This is what makes Usher cologne so impressive to some users because the smell is very strong which makes you want to put it on each and every day.

best informtive usher cologne review

  • Masculine – The strong smell is masculine and the bottle is just as masculine. As a male, you don’t want a feminine looking bottle and Usher has made sure that is not what you get.

  • Impressive Bottle – Usher is all about style so it is no wonder the cologne bottle is very stylish as well. The nice thing about the regular bottle is that it is all black which most colognes stick with a see through glass bottle. As for the Usher VIP cologne, it is a see through glass bottle with a big gold “V” on it.

Most men who try Usher cologne end up liking the way it smells, but that is not all they like about it. There are many features to Usher cologne other than the smell, however, that is the most noticeable features.

cool usher cologne for men

Features Of The Usher Cologne

Here’s a list of what you will get and experience with an Usher cologne for that distinct masculine and attractive scent as well as value for your money.

  • Distinguished Scent – Not only does the cologne smell good, it has a very distinguished scent that is unmatched. Usher is different in many ways and the cologne that he has put out shows that. Having a distinguished smell will make everybody aware of when you are around and that is a god thing.

usher vip cologne for women and men

  • Long Lasting Smell – Are you tired of buying cologne that only lasts for an hour or two? Most colognes are too expensive to spray on every couple of hours and that is why using Usher cologne will benefit you. Since Usher cologne lasts for a good 12 hours, you won’t have to worry about applying another spray to yourself.

  • Stylish Packaging – The very first thing you will notice is that this cologne has a stylish package. The box is different and the bottle simply makes it all worth the money.

Whether you want a cologne that lasts a long time or smells extremely good, this is the cologne for you. Men have a very distinct smell, so getting something that is masculine will only improve your natural scent.