Sinks are indeed one of the most important equipments that offer innumerable services for all kinds of work. Water is an indispensable part of life and all washing and cleaning is done in the various kinds of sinks available today. Portable sinks have brought about a great revolution in the sanitary world as they can be installed anywhere easily and help to perform a variety of tasks.

Places Where Portable Sinks Can Be Installed

Portable sinks can be installed in the backyards, gardens, kitchens, dining rooms, classrooms, doctors’ chambers, day cares, science laboratories, restaurants, offices and all other places where a continuous arrangement of water supply is required to keep everything clean and germ-free.

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Why Are Portable Sinks So Popular?

Portable sinks are being widely used in all places for various reasons like:

  • They are easy to install
  • No separate connections to the plumbed pipe work is required
  • Various shapes and sizes are available to suit one’s needs
  • Requires very little space
  • Easy to clean especially the stainless steel utility sink

The working system of portable sinks is unique. They have integrated containers that hold the water and separate water pipes are not required at all. The modern types of portable sinks have heating element in them so that there is a supply of hot water also. For watering plants in the gardens and backyards or cleaning and washing purposes, these sinks are very handy.

Most day care centers find it most convenient to set up portable sinks at their centers. Since the supply of water is pure and clean, the main aim of safety and hygiene for kids and toddlers are maintained efficiently. They are very useful for pre-primary schools too. In the bigger institutions portable sinks are used in the science laboratories, cooking classes, gym classes, art classes as well as in the lunch areas. They help to maintain health and cleanliness in the working areas. Offices, restaurants, catering services and especially at the doctors’ chambers they are highly recommended for their great services.

Portable sinks are made of various materials like ceramic, porcelain and stainless steel as well as plastic. Stainless steel is preferred by many as they are more durable and non-breakable.

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Stainless Steel Utility Sinks

The stainless steel sinks have gained much popularity in the commercial field and are being used in educational, medical and other industries. The main advantages of these portable sinks are:

  • resistant to corrosion
  • non-porous and prevents the growth of harmful germs and bacteria
  • rust free
  • easy cleaning

Cleaning the stainless steel utility sinks is easy. Simple mild soap and warm water is good for the maintenance of the sinks. Sponge or soft cloth is ideal for them. However, stubborn stains can be treated with stainless steel wool or brush. Chlorides, acids, caustic soda, salts and bleaches should be avoided when cleaning stainless steel portable sinks.

The portable sinks especially the stainless steel sinks are highly favored by surgeons and doctors. They are rest assured that the water is free from bacteria and are readily available. Supply of warm water is an added advantage. The various uses and advantages of the portable sinks in all spheres of life have contributed a lot to the popularity of these sinks all around the world.