There is nothing more frustrating than having your favorite frosty beverage taunting you from behind its cap at a picnic, sporting event or barbecue. Sure, you could try to rip the cap off the bottle and risk shredding your palm. Your keys might work as well, at least until they bend or break. You could tap it against a counter, but one wrong move and you have a cold drink full of glass. The best solution for being prepared is a keychain bottle opener.

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Advantages Of A Keychain Bottle Opener

  • Easy Portability

Most keychain bottle openers weigh just a few ounces and are only a few inches long. There are even some cool keychain bottle opener designs that fold-up or hinge to look like a standard key.

  • Convenience

If you are out of the house and away from the kitchen, chances are your good that you have your keys. With a keychain bottle opener, this also means you also have your bottle opener at hand whenever you might need it.

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  • Plenty Of Choices

From your favorite sports team or saying to colors and shapes, there are nearly endless choices for finding the perfect personalized bottle opener keychain for your tastes or needs. This also makes them a great idea for gifts or party favors!

When it comes to choosing a style of keychain bottle opener, most of the decision making process is purely opinions and tastes. However, there are a few different standard formats of bottle opener that hold distinct advantages and disadvantages. Common keychain bottle opener designs include:

coolest trio bottle opener keychain

Keychain Bottle Opener Designs

  • The Flat Head: If you do not mind the added size, this format is one of the best keychain bottle opener designs available. It is shaped like a small claw. They are often no wider than your standard flathead screwdriver. However, this added width makes it easy to pop the top off the most stubborn of beverages.
  • The Circular Opener: This keychain bottle opener design features a large flat handle and a circular opening that grips the bottle cap from the sides for easy opening. While it might take a little more finesse than the flat head design, it offers plenty of room for a personal photo, saying or picture. This makes the circular bottle opener ideal for a personalized bottle opener keychain.
  • The Multi-tool: This keychain bottle opener design is not just a bottle opener. It will often include a small blade, tweezers, screwdrivers or other handy gadgets to help with the odd task you might run across during the day. While the size of this keychain bottle opener is often the largest of the various designs, its added utility can be priceless in the right situations.

bottle opener keychain best design

With their ease-of-use, exceptional portability and endless customization options, it is easy to see what makes the keychain bottle opener so popular. With one little addition to your keychain, you can enjoy your favorite cold bottled beverage and be the life of the party. After all, the person who can save the day by opening the drinks will always be the center of attention.