It is advisable to have all the required tools and equipment ready at hand before embarking on all types of basic plumbing work. One of the most important things you need in plumbing is the black PVC pipe. This is the crucial component in all plumbing works. The plumber must be aware of the fitting and mechanism involved when working with these pipes. These pipes are used in a variety of ways in repair or fixing pipes commonly used in areas like the kitchen sinks, bathtubs, toilet, pools and water fountains.

Basic plumbing work in such areas involve conveying water or liquid waste from one point to another through the pipe by water pressure. These kind of plumbing works need to use strong durable pipes that can withstand the exerted pressure. The black PVC pipe is normally the best pipe to use since it has qualities which other ordinary pipes lacks. Some of these features include:

using pvc pipes on basic plumbing work


Many basic plumbing work require that all equipment and materials used is of high quality to avoid breakages during the fitting process and in later usage. These pipes are made of strong plastic which ensures that even when placed underground, they will not break easily. They are strong enough to withstand water pressure.

Resistance to Rust

Water and rust are two things that result in corrosion of metallic materials. When metal or copper pipes are used in any given basic plumbing work, they tend to rust even when they are coated. This can be avoided by using these PVC pipes. They are rust resistance which makes them ideal for domestic water use. Their rust-free nature makes them best suited for clean and healthy water usage.


Black PVC pipes last longer than the metal pipes because they are not easily affected by rust and insect activities. These pipes are made of plastic which means that they cannot be eaten by insects when placed underground. Insect activity is a leading destroyer of plumbing materials such as wood and metal buried underground. Plastic pipes are popularly used in many basic plumbing work since they can withstand underground insect activity and last longer than other materials.


These PVC pipes are best suited in basic plumbing work such as waste drainage systems in bathrooms and toilets. This is due to the fact that these pipes have a big diameter which can convey a large amount of waste including the water used to pump the waste out. Other pipes, such as the metallic varieties, tend to have smaller diameters which can cause clogging.

basic plumber work

Flexibility and Safety

Plastic pipes are very flexible and can be twisted in any angle depending on the basic plumbing work they are used for. The pipes can endure heat and are best suited for hot water plumbing works. Most heaters use electricity which can result in short circuit accidents if it comes in contact with metal pipes. Black PVC pipes are safe to use in heaters as they do not conduct electricity.

Be safe and be secured with your plumbing works using these PVC pipes!