Quad bikes are awesome recreational machines. They are hardy and can be used for play in any type of terrain. Anybody who is adventurous and looking for great sporting thrill would enjoy playing with quad bikes. Their performance cannot be equated to any other when it comes to rough or smooth terrains.  Not all people know what these bikes are and to discover this you should look at the bikes as motorcycles on three or four low pressure wheels with a seat for a rider and handlebars for steering.

coolest apache SX100 silversport quad bike

History of Quad Bikes

Quad bikes have a rich history with the very first one having been made in 1893 by Royal Enfield. Originally it had several bicycle components including handle bars. These were developed for horseless carriage driving in those times. By 1970 the Honda company made the quad and trike bikes based on their motorcycles and from there, they have gained popularity in today’s world.

Environmental Concerns

There are states that allow usage of these bikes on their roads but one has to have a special license as well as tax and insurance registration to be allowed. Quad bikes as well have a lot of controversy on safety issues on environment. Below highlighted are some of the situations:

  • Environment suffers due to vehicle emissions and in year 2000 recreational vehicles in USA like the quads accounted for 58% spark ignited emissions whether the vehicles were used on road or off road which is harmful to the environment.
  • Land usage is also affected where quad bikes are driven in private lands and sensitive areas like wetlands and sand dunes are affected. While it is known that the Dunlop ATV tires they use are best for navigating any type of terrains their treads are capable of digging channels that drain and increase sedimentation. This is why in some countries forest personnel are involved in travel management to ensure that off road activities do not end up affecting forest cover as well as areas protected as environmentally sensitive.
  • Where quads are used by forest management then they happen to be major carriers of invasive plants, which can be transferable to other places where the bikes travel to which later affects the environment if not taken care of.

power sports heavy duty quad bike

Not only do quads have environmental concerns but also human protection concerns. It is known that proper protective gear should be worn at all times when operating quad bikes to avoid injuries and death in case of accidents. Even for those in extreme quad bike sports they are required to have protective gear so as to enjoy their sport to maximum.